HE EdTech Showcase Presentations | 7 April 2020

HE EdTech Showcase Presentations | 7 April 2020

Spotlight on digital borderless education technology

This Showcase Event profiled Australian EdTech solutions that are proven, available and ready to scale in the higher education sector.

Learn more about the companies that presented on the day:


  • online learn-to-code resources tailored to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

  • 200 hours of classroom-ready Digital Technologies resources

  • courses and competitions are auto-marked and provide intelligent feedback so students can move at their own pace


Gerard Holland
[email protected]

  • innovative internship placement and management platform
  • bridge the global skills gap to unlock value for students, education providers and companies
  • Students: a powerful way for students and graduates to apply their university learning and make themselves more employable. 
  • Education providers: enable students to gain valuable Australian workplace experience while working toward their degree
  • Companies: discover great potential talent, without the risk of committing long-term


  • AI driven writing improvement platform for all levels of English language students

  • instant personalised feedback delivered across seven levels of writing analysis

  • help students improve writing styles and techniques way past the capabilities of various grammar and spelling checking products available


  • A cloud-based lifelong learning platform that solves a range of problems for various users:

  • Education providers can transform the delivery of their programs from passive to active learning with the aim of increasing student engagement, delivering off-campus courses/programs, increasing brand awareness in new markets, increasing graduate employability by improving outcomes

  • Educators (lecturer, facilitator, teacher) can author/create courses independently (DIY) or in collaboration, then deliver, facilitate and assess student performance

  • Learners (university student, working professional) discover, enrol and learn through courses on OpenLearning


  • 24/7 study support at scale from a real person, to deliver timely improvements to students’ confidence, satisfaction with study, and academic integrity

  • Formative, personalised writing feedback in less than 24 hours

  • 24/7 personal, live chat help with core subject areas

  • Online, peer-to-peer study help at scale, with visibility, reporting, and quality assurance

  • On-demand data for educators to further support their students’ learning holistically


  • Secure and cost-effective Australian hosted cognitive online remote proctoring
  • Automated exam delivery for tertiary institutions and universities Australia-wide aligned to mandated privacy and data security frameworks