Western Sydney University named principal partner by EduGrowth

EduGrowth is delighted to be entering into a partnership with Western Sydney University as our Principal Partner to co-develop The Australian Higher Education EdTech Innovation Network (EIN). 

The University shares EduGrowth’s vision that the Australian EdTech ecosystem will be dramatically accelerated by committed partners working together. We know that collaboration is best achieved through action.  

The partnership will enable the development of a network of innovative education providers partnering with ambitious EdTech organisations supported by world-class innovative teachers and education researchers to build the evidence record for EdTech products within real-world settings. 

Through the EdTech Innovation Network we will connect innovative EdTech companies with Western Sydney University, and other Australian Universities, to deploy their products in authentic test-bed environments. Through our structured framework and community of action we will ensure that Australian EdTech products develop their evidence record right from the very first steps.

“Building collaborative impact programs takes truly committed partners. EduGrowth is incredibly honoured to be working with Professor Simon Barrie and his team committed to accelerating the impact of EdTech products on learner outcomes.”

— David Linke, Managing Director | EduGrowth

Professor Simon Barrie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic) at Western Sydney University

Professor Simon Barrie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic) at Western Sydney University said “The University has a strong tradition of testing and adopting technology that will enhance and expand educational opportunities for learners. We are committed to the idea that today’s emergent educational technologies have the potential to dramatically reshape our future education ecosystem to address society’s challenges.”

“Working with Australia’s EdTech Industry Hub to significantly impact the way that EdTech is designed and deployed across the sector is such a great opportunity. Western Sydney University has long been seen as delivering innovation in our region, and across Australia, so we look forward to working with our university colleagues to grow the Australian Higher Education EdTech Innovation Network.”  

More details about the Australian Higher Education EdTech Innovation Network will be shared very soon.