Higher-Ed EdTech Showcase – 24 August 2020

Higher-Ed EdTech Showcase – 24 August 2020

Higher Ed EdTech Showcase

Spotlight on digital borderless education

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Join us as we profile Australian EdTech solutions that are proven, available, and ready to scale in the higher education sector.

Understand how Australian EdTech solutions can support your university, TAFE or RTO in providing digital borderless access to:

  • Service that support students socially and emotionally
  • Deliver continuity of education in a remote environment
  • Administer assessments digitally with online proctoring

The companies presenting their solutions in this webinar are:

AccountingPod is an EdTech delivering technology and dynamic content for the ‘hands on’ learning of accounting and business across cloud business platforms like Xero. The AccountingPod solution is currently made up of three components: a learning and teaching management platform; dynamic content based on case studies that represent business scenarios to deliver curriculum aligned, integrated learning outcomes; and the technology which provides personalized feedback, monitoring, reporting, auto-marking and algorithmic assignments to support academic integrity and authentic assessment. 

Judith Cambridge
[email protected]

Möbius is the industry-leading digital learning platform that promotes learning based on the cognitive science of successful learning, facilitates evidence-based optimization of learning, and supports an ecosystem of asset creation and sharing. Excelling at creating and deploying interactive teaching and assessment content for higher-educational institutions around the world, and specifically designed to meet the unique and complex needs of STEM, Möbius is optimizing the world of digital education.

Asim Ghous
[email protected]

The mission at Edalex is to “help put innovation into education.” Edalex Credentialate, brings meaning to micro-credentials by banishing bad badges. Credentialate assesses, monitors, promotes and validates learners’ attainment of skills. We do this by intelligently harvesting student performance data from LMS and other platforms and applying a series of models to determine multiple levels of mastery. Critically, the Credentialate evidence page provides personalised quantitative and qualitative feedback on a learner’s skill.

Margo Griffith
[email protected]

EXAMINA+ provides an integrated, though modular, suite of capabilities that can be used to manage the lifecycle of an examination including student enrolment, venue and resource management, schedule optimisation, item banking and paper creation, examination delivery, marking, analysis and reporting.

Steve Godinho
[email protected] 

Neutopia is an innovative Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that ignites engagement, enriches the learning experience and creates valuable ecosystems in the education sector. Harnessing the power of responsive, personalised content curation at each touchpoint Neutopia delivers new efficiencies in marketing and recruitment, extends the learner lifecycle and generates meaningful data for Academic, Corporate and Organisations with large membership networks.

Jamie Engel
[email protected]

Successful Graduate provides online job readiness training for students and graduates. We have clients such as TAFE Queensland, SEEK Asia and the NSW Government who promote our online job readiness training solutions.

Gordon Scott
[email protected]