Addressing the skills needed tomorrow, today.

EdventureCo is a leading vocational and professional education and training (VPET) platform established in Australia that is expanding across South East Asia.

It comprises established and reputable college brands in blue collar and white collar VPET fields such as building and construction, and information technology.

Our colleges have trained over 75,000 students in the last six years, and more than 196,000 in the last 26 years, providing them with skills and qualifications to commence their careers, upskill or re-skill.

At EdventureCo, our goal is to equip students with relevant skills in a fast-changing world where jobs are increasingly being displaced by automation and robotics.

In doing so, we help employers solve the problem of not being able to find suitably skilled employees.

At EdventureCo we develop unique, specialist education brands who make real brand promises, have credibility in their industry off the back of a real and strong reputation earned over time, and industry-leading student satisfaction and graduate outcomes.