Monash University opens EduGrowth higher-ed showcase

Monash University opens EduGrowth higher-ed showcase

In June 2019, Monash University opened the EduGrowth ClearPath Showcase, a higher-ed focussed event that connected six EdTech startups with potential higher-ed clients. 

The event opened with a keynote by Mike Bryant, Director of Learning Transformation at Monash University who discussed the focus education agenda and overarching vision for education innovation at Monash University. His presentation gave an overview of major transformative education technology projects currently being undertaken and provided the audience with a glimpse of the exciting opportunities to come.

The event then progressed to EdTech presentations, Q&A, networking and pre-booked in-depth conversations to discuss business need and EdTech solution fit.

Six EdTech startups were chosen to present, including Open Learning, OB3, Vygo, AccountingPod, Literatu and Successful Graduate. Each of these startups have proven their ability to manage a client relationship with at least one university customer, have the ability to support deployment across a large cohort, have a clear pricing structure and have evidence they have a plan to manage that initial product deployment with the customer.

We invite you to watch the presentations and learn more about each startup.

GoScribo is a SAAS delivered writing improvement platform for students preparing for IELTS and other English written Language Tests.

OpenLearning is a cloud-based lifelong learning platform that enables education providers to prepare learners for the future of work.

Vygo helps universities connect their students in scalable and asynchronous peer learning communities. 

Successful Graduate provides online job readiness training for students and graduates.

OB3 enables teachers and students to create and share media-rich web documents with embedded discussions.

AccountingPod is an EdTech delivering technology and dynamic content for the ‘hands on’ learning of accounting and business across cloud business platforms.