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ClearPath Showcase

Open Learning

In June 2019, Monash University hosted the EduGrowth ClearPath Showcase, a higher-ed focussed event that connected six EdTech startups with potential higher-ed clients. The event included EdTech presentations, Q&A, networking and pre-booked in-depth conversations to discuss business need and EdTech solution.

Open Learning was one of six EdTech startups chosen to present, along with OB3, Vygo, AccountingPod, Literatu and Successful Graduate. Each of these startups have proven their ability to manage a client relationship with at least one university customer, have the ability to support deployment across a large cohort, have a clear pricing structure and have evidence they have a plan to manage that initial product deployment with the customer.


Open Learning

OpenLearning is a cloud-based lifelong learning platform that enables education providers to prepare learners for the future of work.

With a consumer-oriented operating model (B2B2C and B2C), strong network effects, novel implementation of social constructivist educational theory and an integrated data-driven AI-powered education to employability pathway, OpenLearning is at the forefront of a new wave of education delivery.

Founded in 2012 in Sydney Australia, OpenLearning has enabled 10,000 educators from 80 education providers to deliver accredited and unaccredited online/blended education to over 1.5m learners worldwide.

Open Learning

Exec Team

Adam Brimo, Founder and CEO
[email protected]
0415 094 219

David Collien, Founder and CTO
[email protected]

Cherie Diaz, Managing Director Australia
[email protected]
0478 330 083‬