The Innovation Stage looks at the future of work

The Innovation Stage looks at the future of work

The Innovation Stage looks at the future of work
What does the future hold for the workplace, and how can the education industry keep pace with the ever-changing nature of technology in the ‘fourth industrial revolution’?

As part of the Innovation Alley at EduTech 2019 in Sydney this June, EduGrowth is hosting the Innovation Stage. A place for topics like these to be discussed in panel-style plenary sessions.

The Future of Work, sponsored by DeakinCo, is the first of these discussions to make it onto the Innovation Stage.



Attendees can look forward to a keynote address from Sophie Lanyon, DeakinCo’s Manager Professional Practice Credentials, followed by a panel discussion.

Sophie is passionate about the development of engaging, meaningful and human-centered products. She has a strong interest in strategic initiatives and innovative approaches that respond to the challenges and disruption of education, professional development and the future of work.


Panel Discussion

Joining Sophie on the panel are:

Dr. Evvie Smith, Learning and Performance Strategist, Deakin Co.
Greg Miller, Executive Director, Faethm
Stephanie Brien, Senior Customer Success Coach, Culture Amp
Nerida Bewick, General Manager Operations, UAC
Tony Dunford, Head of Enterprise Curricula, Westpac Group

Between them, they bring a wealth of experience and a range of viewpoints from the education, research, technology, and CX sectors, making this a session not be missed.


EduTECH 2019

With the support of Global Victoria, EduGrowth has established Innovation Alley, a dedicated space for startups at the upcoming EduTech Expo 2019 in Sydney.

EduTech 2019 is the largest education technology expo in the southern hemisphere, attended by more than 10,000 people, 250 exhibitors, and an impressive array of speakers, including internationally renowned Sir Ken Robinson.

The Future of Work Plenary Session
Innovation Stage, EduTECH 2019
Thursday 6 June, 1pm



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