Genix Ventures Sprint Announcement - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Exam Management across Cultural Contexts: Genix Ventures’s EXAMINA+ Platform

Genix Ventures has been selected to participate in the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. This will see their solution tested at the Holmes Institute in Victoria, the International Marketing Corporation and Tsinghua University in China, and by language training providers in India.

EduGrowth and Global Victoria have officially selected Genix Ventures for the Innovation Sprints, as part of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance. 

The aim of this program is to enhance the global reputation of Victorian EdTech and education, and provide an example for the Australian EdTech ecosystem of the opportunities available when this testbed model is implemented. 

The Alliance will see the selected Innovation Sprints deploy Victorian EdTech solutions both in Victorian and international education institutions and schools. Over 26 weeks, the Sprints will be overseen by an independent researcher appointed to endorse the Sprint testbed design and validate the efficacy of the solution being trialled.

All 9 of the chosen Innovation Sprints exhibit a clear alignment with the Alliance objectives and are committed to transforming teaching and learning experiences around the world. 

Genis Ventures Innovation Sprint

This Sprint will deploy EXAMINA+ in three target-market institutions to determine the feasibility of greater global scaling.

Scoping studies have affirmed that EXAMINA+ can play a major role in the growing market for assessment-led learning. Genix has redeveloped EXAMINA+ to meet the needs of this segment, which combines disciplinary, digital and institutional expertise to: align assessment tasks with learning outcomes; validate authentic assessments; deploy assured assessment tasks; diagnose learning needs; mark and moderate results; establish trusted information; dynamically target learning resources; produce evidence of learning; and underpin credentialing.

EXAMINA+ will be deployed for use by Holmes Institute in Victoria, the International Marketing Corporation and Tsinghua University in China, and by language training providers in India.

About Genix Ventures

Genix Ventures has been providing software development and professional services for the last twelve years. At present, there are approximately 4,000 users of Genix solutions in the financial services, government and healthcare sectors and over 70,000 users in education. Services provided include project management and delivery, business transformation, security and risk management, systems integration, content development and open source programming, as well as end-to-end exam management through the Examina+ platform.

EduGrowth Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance - Genix

About the Holmes Institute

Established in 1963, Holmes Institute is a multi-sectoral provider of education with faculties of Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education and Secondary Education. Holmes Institute is committed to providing the highest quality education to enable and empower its students to seek self-improvement, irrespective of nationality, gender or belief.

The Institute is a quality provider of secondary, vocational and higher education, with a focus on both domestic and international students. By the dedicated pursuit of best practice teaching and the provision of a dynamic, student-centred learning environment Holmes fosters in its students rational thought, intellectual integrity and social responsibility.

About Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is a major public research university in Beijing, China. It is home to over 50,000 students across their graduate and undergraduate programs. Since its founding, the university has been interested in the interaction between Eastern and Western cultures, the ancient and the modern, and humanities and the sciences. It is ranked #16 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The university has a strong focus on innovation. They have solely developed and co-developed two digital learning platforms, and Rain Classroom, to support their students. 

The Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance program is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the $3.6 million International Research Partnerships program under the International Education Short-Term Sector Recovery Plan.

For more information about the initiative visit Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance.