Melbourne EdTech Summit – Day 3

Melbourne EdTech Summit

Day 3 | 10 September 2020

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Is Regulation Helping or Hindering Education Innovation

Education is a highly regulated sector; the VET and Skills training sub-sector is not exempt, undergoing multiple reviews in recent years. Enrolling over 4 million students annually and growing, this session will review innovations in the VET and Skills sector and how government regulation at state and federal levels is helping and/or hindering education innovation for learners.

Claire Field
Principal, Claire Field & Associates
Ewa Kuriata
Senior Trade Manager, International Education, Global Victoria



Bridging Gaps: Study, Employability and Innovation

There is an exciting opportunity for educators to collaborate and engage with industry to design authentic, blended learning experiences. Real partnerships with industry will contribute to learning and skills outcomes and drive student employability and job readiness. This session will look at successful education and industry partnership models and how innovation is engaging the learner in the process.

Vivienne King
CEO & Managing Director, Box Hill Institute
Trevor Fairweather
Managing Director, ReadyTech
Claire Field
Principal, Claire Field & Associates



Global Trends in Online Skills Education

New skills will be required to respond to a changing economy not only domestically, but globally. This session will discuss international trends in the skills education sector, specifically looking at online delivery and the new cohorts of learners that will require access to the skills education sector for upskilling and reskilling.

Sean Steele
Immediate Past CEO, EdventureCo
Pauline Farrell
Managing Director, Skills 4 the Future



Adapting Learning to an Online Environment

Effective online teaching begins with understanding how content translates to a digital environment. Using education technology and online learning tools open significant opportunities for educators. They can now re-imagine how they teach, optimising the genre and improving learning outcomes and efficiencies. This session will discuss the process of adapting learning to an online environment with consideration for effective assessment and the construct of digital certification.

Anthony Morris
CEO & Founder, Cahoot Learning
Bianca Raby
Founder, Oppida

Innovation across the International student experience

The international education industry must recognise the student experience extends beyond campus life, looking toward full immersion with access to social, cultural and employment opportunities. This discussion will explore how connection between international students to Australian education can be enhanced with innovative technologies.

Elaine Starkey
Co-Founder and CEO, Global Study Partners
Owen Firth
Chief Employability Officer, ReadyGrad
Mark Pettitt
Founder, Edified


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Navigating Capital Raising

Capital raising is one of the most arduous and complex processes most EdTech entrepreneurs face. This session will discuss the characteristics of the local capital market, various investment structures and what to expect when dissecting, understanding and negotiating a term sheet that balances your interest over the short and long term.

Tim Praill
COO, Faethm AI
Genevieve Gregor
Partner, Colinton Capital
Robert Gregory
National Education Leader, Maddocks



Investor Panel

Learn what investors look for in an EdTech investment. This session draws on the experience of three investors and their approach to investing in EdTech companies. Understand how your team, product and marketing strategies impact potential investment.

Srdjan Dangjubic
Partner, Five V Capital
Cheyne Tan
Operating Partner, Potentia
Karen Bohm
Founding Partner, Pangea Impact Investments
Patrick Brothers
CoFounder, Holon IQ



Pitch Competition

Ending the conference program will be live EdTech company pitches to the Investor Panel as judges! Pitches will undergo Q&A from some of Australia’s most successful EdTech investors.