Melbourne EdTech Summit – Day 1

Melbourne EdTech Summit

Day 1 | 8 September 2020

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Australian EdTech Ecosystem

The Australian EdTech sector has enjoyed significant growth and maturity in recent years,  almost doubling in size and reporting a greater number of EdTech organisations progressing from startups to scaleups. This session will examine the current state of affairs in the Australian EdTech Ecosystem with reference to research conducted by EduGrowth and Deloitte between 2017 and 2019.

Colette Rogers
Partner & Education Sector Lead, Deloitte
David Linke
Managing Director, EduGrowth



Taking Australian Education Global Through Digital Transformation

Australia enjoys a global reputation for high quality education. Australian universities and the wider tertiary sector are well-placed to optimise this opportunity and export education to the world in a new way. This session will explore a new wave of borderless digital engagement and delivery within the tertiary sector.

 Prof. Susan Elliott
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), Monash University
Prof. Beverley Oliver
Emeritus Professor
Bev Hudson
CEO University Partnerships Australasia, Navitas



Engaging Offshore Learners with Digital Delivery

No longer constrained to the classic catchment, Australian universities and higher education can look to attract a far more diverse cohort of learners with digital delivery. Technology provides a powerful force, enabling students from new and emerging markets the chance to compete in the global environment. This session will explore the characteristics and trends in the offshore international education market and the opportunities for Australian education.

Ivar Berget
Executive Director of Strategy, OES
Adam Brimo
CEO, Open Learning
Caroline Harnett
Manager Strategy & Policy, Global Victoria



Innovation to Engage the Modern Learner

The modern student expects a great deal from their university or TAFE. They have progressive motivations for their learning and they demand choice and control over their learning journey. This session will explore the evolving models that are delivering real engagement for modern learners, whilst also reflecting on how the learnings from the COVID-19 experience can inform better models for student engagement.

Prof. Helen Partridge
Pro Vice-Chancellor Teaching & Learning, Deakin University
Elissa Newall
Partner, Edified



Australia’s place in the Global EdTech Ecosystem

With an increasing demand for learning online, there have been shifts in the Global EdTech sector. This session will give an overview of the Global EdTech environment and explores how Australia fits into this picture.

Maria Spies
Founder, Holon IQ
David Linke
Managing Director, EduGrowth


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Australia’s EdTech Capability

Australia is uniquely positioned to impact learners around the world. The combination of high quality education system, connection to international markets and technology innovation allows us to impact learners across the world.

Sally-Ann Watts
Deputy CEO, Austrade
Mark Lamont
Chair, EduGrowth




International Investor Lens

Hear from the investor who backed the biggest EdTech in the world! Abhishek Gupta has a unique insight into India’s EdTech sector being a key player in early stage companies, growth investing and leading a corporate venture capital entity. Abhishek has invested in over 60 startups, boasting a healthy exit number and a high IRR. In this session, Abhishek will offer his expert insight as an international investor.

 Abhishek Gupta
Managing Partner, TVentures
David Linke
Managing Director, EduGrowth



UpGrad, success through aligning today’s education with the jobs of the future

Hear from the cofounder of upGrad, India’s biggest Online Program Manager (OPM). Phalgun Kompalli founded upGrad in 2015 after recognising the potential in online education and the lack of a credible, and scale provider in the space. UpGrad has since impacted over half a million people globally via programs designed and delivered in collaboration with university partners and industry. Phalgun will share his startup story, major learnings and the importance of being creative and relentless in executing your startup idea.

Phalgun Kompalli
CoFounder UpGrad
Howell Williams
Chief Development Officer, Keypath Education