LaunchPad Bootcamp – Perfect Your Tech

How do you obtain technical architecture advice as a lean startup?

In our second session of the LaunchPad Bootcamp, we covered how getting your tech stack ‘right’ in the early stages is important in the long run. This session also covered design, understanding your server needs, and thinking globally in order to scale your business from the outset.

Key takeaways

It is essential to obtain the best technical architecture in your early stages for success in the long run. Understand your web server needs and technology from the outset.

Getting your tech stack right in the early stages

To lay down the correct infrastructure and build an effective technology stack, define your problems before you try and fix them. Don’t create technical debt by investing in the wrong issues. Strategising for the long term begins by taking the right first steps.

One of the most important angles to approach your proposed EdTech solution is by considering what your customers want. There is nobody who better understands what customers want from your Australian EdTech startup than your customers themselves.

Listen to the expressed needs and feedback from your customers. This is necessary in the first stages of choosing your technology stack.

When navigating toward the right technology stack, use what is tried and tested. Look beyond a Google search, into what your network is using. Our current digital app culture is fast-moving and new softwares are born every day. Experiment with these softwares and take your time to find what best fits your unique needs.

Understanding technology needs for an early stage startup company

Building an effective tech stack must meet the needs of your company. There is no need to build anything yourself. There are many services out there, such as AWS EdStart, who can help engineer the right technology. Server-less technologies are often more affordable on a consumption basis and allow you to conduct business without having to manage your own servers.

Thinking about scaling your technology from the Get-Go

It is important to acknowledge that your technology stack will change as you grow. In the same nature as any other aspect of your startup company, it is essential to be adaptive to changes in your environment, recognising new threats and opportunities as they arise. Ensure your scaling options are built for your scaling needs will facilitate this growth. As your technology stack demands change, you will be well equipped to adjust your operations.

Obtaining advice for technical architecture

Where can entrepreneurs get guidance on technical architecture without breaking the budget?

The EdTech sector is a unique, tightly-knit environment. Reach out to the sector and leverage the thought-leadership and support systems available to become more informed. Speak to companies like Amazon Web Solutions or Google Cloud who have support systems to aid your growth.

EduGrowth creates events for startup companies to help foster a strong network of enthusiastic and innovative startup companies. Connecting members with mentors and industry leaders, there is a lot to be learned from peers in the EdTech ecosystem.

Look closely at your bottlenecks and condense your issues into a measurable and achievable list. Then, bring in consultants and experts, even if it costs. It is a worthwhile investment to gain the right navigation tools from the beginning of your journey.


John Webster

John Webster

Solutions Architect – HEX

John is the Solutions Architect at HEX, and Founder of CoRoster.

He holds a Masters of Management in IT and has run teams supporting Government, Superannuation, Big Data and Payroll providers and has worked at 5 startups (including 2 of his own). He’s a BlueChilli and Melbourne Health Accelerator Alumni and was an organiser with Melbourne Silicon Beach for 3 years before Covid stopped IRL meetups.

John leads teams to develop custom solutions hosted in Azure and Google Cloud as well as low code builds in Bubble. His happy place is getting stuck into building novel solutions for startups.

Dylan Thompson

Dylan Thompson

Solutions Architect – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Dylan is a Solution Architect at AWS working with the public sector customers. He works specifically with EdTech customers of all different sizes to help understand what building on AWS looks like from a technology point of view.