New Members: October 2020 – January 2021

In the last quarter of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we welcomed 14 new members to the EduGrowth community. These members are individually contributing to the growth of the sector and are passionate about innovating education solutions for learners around the world. 




Key points

  • 14 new EduGrowth members
  • Members joined between October 2020 and January 2021

3C Learning are devoted to designing and developing high quality educational software and programs that help unleash children’s potential. They allow teachers to easily deliver content in class, parents to inspire their children with different learning techniques, and students to spark excitement in their learning. 

Mindsets Learning provide teachers, schools & families a highly engaging, interest-based curriculum to learn & explore math, science & STEAM: sports, art, data science, entrepreneurship, the environment and many more. Mindsets is aligned to your state math & science standards. Accessible in Spanish and 70+ languages.

Coursepal helps to connect with your friends in university, learn by social networking and explore job opportunities.

VidVersity empowers the user to create highly engaging and effective videos with little support or no prior learning experience. VidVersity has removed the complexity of existing online learning options, so you are left to teach, inspire and inform.

Our products are redefining the way educators interact with data: intuitive interfaces, configurable automation, and advanced analytics.

Inspired by design thinking methodology, 10xEvolve are human-centred in the way they interact with their users: students, teachers and parents. They are creating our own unique, user-friendly platform for students, educators and parents that realises the benefits of AI, data analytics and gamification.

A practical software solution to streamline the task of creating class lists for the new school year. With Class Maker, your sensitive student data stays local – no need to store it on the web. 

A world-first digital life training platform for children. DiGii Social empowers 10-13-year-old children with skills and knowledge to prepare and protect them online.

Educonomy enables its clients to identify their pain points, opportunities for growth and formulates the best strategy to propel their organisation to the next level. 

Whether you are graduating high school, looking for a career change or seeking additional qualifications in your field, Collisor is here to help make finding your certificate course, diploma course or university applications easy. With providers worldwide, whether you want to study in Brisbane, New York or Tokyo; Collisor can help you find the perfect course for you!

SchoolPAC, Chiron Education, and Tandem Education also joined us during this period. Welcome to all!