The opportunity in change

Victoria is a leading Australian EdTech ecosystem with deep capability that can support learners across the globe. The Victorian Global EdTech & Innovation Expo was an initiative run in partnership with Global Victoria to promote Victorian EdTech capability to a global audience.

This session looked at the rapid adoption of technologies to aid online teaching and learning practice as a result of COVID-19. The discussion highlighted Australia’s expertise in remote learning and the opportunity for enhanced teacher effectiveness from the ongoing use of technology in the classroom and beyond.

Andrew Smith, CEO Education Services Australia

Education Services Australia is a not-for-profit education technology company owned by all the Australian Ministers of Education. ESA develops and deploys education infrastructure and resources at a National level, and provides technology based services to the education sector. He is a past Vice President Engagement, Swinburne University and past CEO of Australian Council for Private Education and Training.

Dr Sandy Heldsinger, CEO and Founder Brightpath Assessment

Sandy is an academic, author and EdTech entrepreneur. She developed the central components of the Curriculum Outline for Western Australia’s School Curriculum and Standards Authority. She has developed a wide range