Sector wide support for Chinese students

Our thoughts are with Chinese students, their families and communities whose education has been impacted by the current health situation. We recognise the wide-ranging impact this has on all students; those in Mainland China as well as those in Australia. 

It is pleasing to see the unity within the sector and the overall commitment to ensure Australia supports students who come to study with Australia. Flexibility and personalised learning options are being offered to affected students via their specific education institutions and in partnership between institutions. 

The use of education technology is playing a key role to ensure affected students remain connected, supported and engaged throughout this period. Students are studying online today which will help them to promptly re-commence study with Australia when able. 

We commend the Australian Government’s formation of the Council for International Education’s Global Reputation Taskforce and the commitment from all parties including State and Federal Government, education providers and industry; who are working closely to support all students. As the voice of the Australian EdTech ecosystem, EduGrowth is an active member of the Taskforce and able to provide advice to any Australian EdTech company needing assistance or clarification on details that might impact you supporting Chinese students during this time. 

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