Screenrights Cultural Fund

Apply for the Screenrights Cultural fund for the chance to receive up to $50,000 for EdTech product development.


The Screenrights Cultural Fund makes a difference by supporting people with exciting and innovative new initiatives that foster the creation and appreciation of screen content in Australia and New Zealand. This year’s theme is “Connecting Education and Screen content”.

If your company has innovative modes of content delivery, we strongly encourage you to apply. Not only will you have the chance to access funding from this grant, but you will build an ongoing relationship with Australia’s largest public content rights holder.

The Cultural Fund is looking to foster a healthy local screen sector. They are encouraging submissions that increase diversity, whether through career development or the use of media or mentoring to stimulate new and inclusive content creation, access, and use.

The Cultural Fund supports a wide range of activities, from small individual projects and events through to large-scale initiatives. For example:

  • projects that break down barriers to access, and bring the outside world in to remote and isolated communities
  • workshops that foster inclusive collaboration
  • services that deliver content to users in innovative ways
  • start-ups that upend existing business models to support the creation, delivery and use of content
  • projects that shape conversations and/or debate in our society


Examples from 2018

  • Psykinetic, to support a new screen content delivery platform controlled by eyes, muscle and the mind created by Dr Jordan Nguyen
  • The Sharing Stories Foundation, which will increase access for culturally significant Indigenous material in schools through an innovative app
  • Brad Knewstubb for TOGETHER, a collaborative live experience platform set inside a geodesic dome to tour schools across New Zealand with interactive film-based educational content


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