PeopleBench helps school Systems, Boards, Principals, and HR Managers to Build Better School Workforces.

Through our school workforce research, on-line benchmarking platform & Community of Practice, we help school leaders to use an evidence base—as well as their intuition—to develop and implement high-impact workforce strategies.

Increasingly, organisations are realising the power of workforce data and its potential to inform good decision making, allowing leaders to proactively, rather than reactively, address emerging trends.

The education sector is excellent at collecting and storing operational and student outcome data, but the potential of this data for improving school performance has yet to be realised. We collaborate with education sector partners through a Community of Practice made up of industry experts and passionate contributors.

PeopleBench is currently working with 162 schools, comprising 63,674 students, and 7,853 staff members across Australia to better understand the relationships between workforce factors and outcomes for students.

Using insights from our clients and our State of the Sector report, PeopleBench has created an online platform to help schools make better informed workforce decisions to help achieve better student outcomes.