LaunchPad Essentials Insights Seminars

A thought-leadership series for startups. Sector experts will cover the essentials of EdTech product development, sales, and marketing.

Education innovation insights seminars (virtual)

Welcome to the virtual EduGrowth Insights Seminars. This is a chance to gain the tools to accelerate an early-stage startup or to make a seed of an idea, a reality.

In this four-part course, we will cover a range of essential topics.

You’ll hear from established thought leaders in the sector — they’ve been where you are, and have the know-how of what it takes to go further. These seminars will include a Q&A with the speaker and an opportunity for virtual networking with your peers.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in education innovation and education technology will find our seminars useful.

1. EdTech startups

2. Academics and Educators with an EdTech idea

3. Professionals in EdTech or Education industry

What to expect

– Build your EdTech network

– Utilise experienced start-up founders as sounding boards for your business

– Exclusive access to the industry’s deepest and most supportive network

– A program designed specifically for EdTech entrepreneurs — not a generalist program

– Present your vision for a company to educators and industry specialists who will give you the best feedback to support your success.

How to attend

Seminars will be hosted on a virtual platform that supports networking and discussion.

Upcoming seminars

Seminar #1 – Product Development | 26 October 2021

Whether you are an experienced developer or a non-technical founder, learn about how to fast-track your product development by partnering with other companies. Hear from experienced EdTech founders and AWS Solutions architects about how you can build a beautiful effective product and get it to market more quickly.

Session #2: Marketing | 9 November 2021

Collaboration in the EdTech ecosystem is the key to growth. Learn about the path to EdTech scale, by integrating with leading platforms in the market and how it connects you directly with customers. Hear from EdTech founders who have built robust businesses through partnering with other companies to grow together.

Session #3: Sales and Pitch Training | 23 November

Refining the message about your value proposition is a key skill necessary to successfully sell a product. Learn how to communicate with educators and investors in this sales training session.

Session #4: Voice of the Customer | 7 December

This last week of the program will see some participants of the program pitch to a panel of educators who will provide feedback on their products. You will also have networking time to meet real educators to ask questions and further your EdTech journey.

Thought leadership speakers

We will hand-pick sector experts to guide you through each of these important stages. Stay tuned for speaker details!

More information

Insights Seminars play a significant role in the entire LaunchPad program developed by EduGrowth. We invite prestigious industry experts to share their insights over a one-and-a-half-hour seminar fortnightly across eight weeks. Learn more here.

About EduGrowth

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