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Plenary Session

Will technology provide a much-sought after breakthrough in educational assessment?

Standardised testing programs seem to have been around forever. Debate about these programs hasn’t abated. Copious research and reports are available on assessment with endless advice for teachers about how and what they need to assess.

A new concept has more recently emerged –
A year’s growth, for a year’s learning?

Yet, we are still wrestling with how to assess.

Will advances in technology provide a much sought-after breakthrough?
Will software that enables teachers to create their own assessments be the answer?Will giving schools greater flexibility in what they assess and when assess, ameliorate issues with standardised testing?

Join a wide-ranging discussion of assessment and technology. Reviewing what is working for teachers and school leaders, and what’s not. Consider creativity and whether or not it can be measured. Reflect on the recent Gonski Review and share the work being undertaken by Educational Services Australia to develop an online and on-demand student learning assessment tool. Consider international trends and share a significant breakthrough in reliably assessing opened tasks that’s proving successful in Western Australian and South Australian schools.

Dr Sandy Heldsinger, Founder & Managing Director Brightpath Assessments will provide a keynote address followed by a panel discussion with Andrew Smith, CEO Education Services Australia, Mathilda Joubert, Educational Consultant & Advisor Sheridan College Perth and Lynda Fisher, Head of Moriah College Primary School NSW.

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