EduGrowth Online Briefing: student teams working for you with PRACTERA

The Event

Join us online to hear about how you can get a team of students working for you! 

The national Pracetra Business Projects Program (run by experiential learning platform involves teams of university students undertaking a short term 3-week project for Australian companies. The focus is on employability, exposure for international students and gaining great outcomes for organisations. Practera have run the program for over 3 years (in NSW, Victoria and SA), with over 3000 students having participated nationally. The types of projects teams work on are flexible but could include market research, competitor analysis or insight reports. The student teams are assigned to your project and work collaboratively to contribute over 250 hours over a three week period. Students are based remotely and not in your office, so it is super light touch but impactful! There is NO financial cost to participate and we’d love to have the EduGrowth sector engage and benefit from this unique program.

Join the webinar to find our more…….

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