Class Creator’s Tim Bowman: Collaborating with Customers



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LaunchPad Insights Seminars are designed to raise the thinking of the entire EdTech ecosystem through shared learning. Our speaker, Tim Bowman will share his experiences and journey of founding Class Creator, a technology that uses a “teacher logic” algorithm applied to teacher-driven student data to create balanced classes instantly. It helps schools streamline their existing student placement process and produce better classes.

Tim Bowman is a Primary School Teacher, Author and EdTech entrepreneur. His first book titled ‘88 ways to teach more effectively’ is evidence of Tim’s ability of finding better ways to do things… and that is exactly how Class Creator began.

The software replaces post-it notes and spreadsheets and creates classes balanced with considerations to individual student needs, social dynamics, academic requirements, student and family history or parent requests, and can be edited based on real-time feedback.

Class Creator is not just an algorithm; it mimics the complex logic that teachers use when creating classes. As a teacher “in the trenches”, it was important for Tim to include users and customers in the process and is why the initial response to his software was “Where have you been all my life?”. Class Creator is now used in 13 countries by over 10,000 educators.


This event will include networking opportunities pre and post event, a speaker presentation and Q&A opportunity.


This event is free.

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