AWS connecting with the Aus. EdTech Community

Join Sam Harris from AWS to hear an important update for EduGrowth Members.

This online member event will feature Sam Harris from AWS EdStart who will provide an overview of some of the capabilities being provided for free until end-June that enables remote learning and working. The session will talk through other areas of support provided to AU and ASEAN companies and will encourage a wider Q&A to better understand the needs of the community during this time.

As a global company, AWS is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. In addition to those who are affected by the illness, many more are indirectly dealing with changes in their work, school, and community environments.

AWS is collaborating with public health organisations, government agencies, and businesses around the globe to support their efforts resulting from the ripple effect of COVID-19. This includes providing customers in the most affected regions with technical support and AWS credits that help cover costs, while enabling organisations to quickly stand up and scale their tools and infrastructure to keep businesses running, and speed COVID-19 research projects.

AWS is keen to understand some of the new challenges and situations you have faced during this time. We will walk through the type of tools that will enable remote learning and working for your customers and yourselves. As part of our response to COVID-19, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing tools to support remote learning and teaching. This includes providing customers in the most affected regions with technical support, offerings, and AWS Promotional Credit to help our educational technology providers and educators around the world quickly deploy or extend learning into the home.