Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

A research testbed program for EdTech

The EdTech Innovation Alliance Program will see the activation of testbeds or pilots; run efficacy trials of Victorian EdTech products, in Australian and international education settings, in a structured formal framework; and share the findings with the broader community.

The program supports partnerships between Victorian EdTech companies, education institutions, and international organisations, and promote the efficacy of Victorian EdTech products for export growth.

The initiative is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the $33.4 million commitment to the short-term economic recovery of the international education sector, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The program coordinates the cooperation between providers, education technology companies and academics to trial technologies that solve and enhance learning outcomes.

The program will establish Victoria as Australia’s education innovation hub which incorporates all the virtues of the triple-helix innovation model. This program will extend that model to include the efficacy and showcasing of innovation in the education sector that is an absolute prerequisite to large-scale education innovation.

We thank Global Victoria for their ongoing support of Australian EdTech.

Outcomes and Learnings from a Testbed Program

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