Entrepreneur Interview with Zoe Milne, LoopLearn

Entrepreneur Interview with Zoe Milne, LoopLearn

Innovation Alley at EduTECH 2020

Interview with Zoe Milne 'Using AI and machine learning to address mundane tasks'

Artificial Intelligence can support educators with routine task management freeing them to be the specialist as a teacher. Zoe Milne discussed the opportunities AI can offer both educators and administrators, including monitoring who enters schools in order to ensure the safety of students. 

Key points:

  • With AI, it’s worth having an ethical view of technology development more than a capability view. 
  • LoopLearn considers each individual request and their requirements, in order to reflect on the ethical and long-term outcomes. 
  • Society is putting more accountability on technology companies on how they are using data, so this needs to be considered as an EdTech.