K-12 School Sector EdTech Showcase

K-12 School Sector EdTech Showcase

Spotlight on digital borderless education

Understand how Australian EdTech solutions can support your school in providing digital borderless access to:

  • Service that support students socially and emotionally
  • Deliver continuity of education remote
  • Administer assessments digitally with online proctoring

In this online session Six Australian EdTech companies showcase their solution in terms of:

  • Detailing their product and its link to remote access
  • Describing how they can deploy at scale
  • an Australian educational video resource platform carefully classified and curated for use in classrooms
  • thousands of videos and educational resources for all subjects
  • interactive tools that transform video learning into an active experience while also supporting formative assessment


  • empowers schools to facilitate amazing education experiences for both teachers and students; anytime, anywhere
  • myEdOnline’s simple, user-friend