K-12 School Sector EdTech Showcase

K-12 School Sector EdTech Showcase

Spotlight on digital borderless education

Understand how Australian EdTech solutions can support your school in providing digital borderless access to:

  • Service that support students socially and emotionally
  • Deliver continuity of education remote
  • Administer assessments digitally with online proctoring

In this online session Six Australian EdTech companies showcase their solution in terms of:

  • Detailing their product and its link to remote access
  • Describing how they can deploy at scale
  • an Australian educational video resource platform carefully classified and curated for use in classrooms
  • thousands of videos and educational resources for all subjects
  • interactive tools that transform video learning into an active experience while also supporting formative assessment


  • empowers schools to facilitate amazing education experiences for both teachers and students; anytime, anywhere
  • myEdOnline’s simple, user-friendly design ensures teachers can quickly create and share beautiful digital lessons with their students
  • students learn at their own pace and develop the skills needed to become independent, self-managed learners


  • an all-in-one platform for personalised and curriculum-aligned online resources
  • access a rich library of lessons and assessments across subject areas
  • scaffolded content to allow all students to experience success
  • tools to further curate and customise content to meet the needs of every learner. Rearrange, edit or build your own lessons and assessments.
  • reporting offers detailed insights in real time and retrospectively


  • an online platform to deliver measurable social, emotional and physical skills for K-6
  • 300+ stage-based lessons, physical activities and curriculum-aligned resources
  • detailed reporting to track student wellbeing over time
  • flexible delivery via 1:1, for small groups or as a whole class


  • an online program for K-9 year levels that builds and improves core literacy skills across all areas of the literacy curriculum
  • comprehensive content covers spelling, reading, comprehension, grammar, writing, phonics and sight words 
  • high quality graphics, and rich data to provide schools a flexible approach to how the program can be used in and out of the classroom


  • a design thinking learning program for primary school students using 3D design and printing technology
  • equips educators with the tools, resources and support they need to embrace creativity (curriculum, professional development, software, and a teacher’s dashboard to manage students and their work)
  • develops important Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills in students