Higher Ed – EdTech Showcase

Higher Ed EdTech Showcase #1

Spotlight on digital borderless education

Understand how Australian EdTech solutions can support your university, TAFE or RTO in providing digital borderless access to:

  • Service that support students socially and emotionally
  • Deliver continuity of education remote
  • Administer assessments digitally with online proctoring

In this online session Six Australian EdTech companies showcase their solution in terms of:

  • Detailing their product and its link to remote access
  • Describing how they can deploy at scale
  • a digital platform to facilitate relationship based learning online
  • bring learning events and communications to life
  • hold live online experiences and promote real, meaningful and personal engagement


  • Fully online English language school
  • 100s of hours of self-study
  • Live classes scheduled, booked and delivered through the platform
  • Beginner to advanced – across all skills including general English, pronunciation, grammar and spelling
  • White-label for your institution


  • scalable, customisable online assessment and training software
  • digitising the delivery of high-stakes exams & certifications for universities, schools and government bodies


  • The Practera platform supports tertiary students and industry mentors collaborate in experiential learning programs through mobile first apps 
  • Educators can monitor and manage the experiences in real time – with rich data, analytics and AI powered intervention assistance to support better outcomes


  • Quitch is a content neutral gamified mobile platform
  • Break down new learning material into bite-sized chunks 
  • Revise regularly through short bursts of rapid-fire gaming 
  • Gradually increase the interval between revision sessions, committing the information to your long- term memory through the practice of active recall


  • Free up your student services for flexible online delivery,
  • Centralise academic, personal, professional and staff advisory support services,
  • Ensure equity of access and quality at scale, and
  • Reduce your administration costs.