Entrepreneur Interview with Ben Hallett, Vygo

Innovation Alley at EduTECH 2020

Interview with Ben Hallett 'Using your experience to build a business'

Ben Hallet observed a personal problem as a Uni student, graduated and went into the profession he studied. Then, it dawned upon him that his experience was being felt by other students. That led to the founding of Vygo and a platform that supports students locally and internationally.

Key points:

  • In the first iteration, Vygo went directly to students. They saw working with institutions as a stage further along in their journey. However, they realised they couldn’t sustain themselves off of this model. 
  • Think of a university as consisting of many different operations and with their own individual needs, as opposed to one single entity. 
  • Storytelling is powerful when selling a product. When Vygo really got its story together, it clicked with their team, investors and universities.