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7 May & 25 May 2021



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Connecting Victorian and Indian EdTech Innovation Ecosystems

From April to June 2021 we will be running a series of public and invite only events that connect the Victorian and Indian EdTech and education innovation ecosystems.

Indian and Victorian educators and EdTech entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to develop deep connections and gain insights from each other’s respective EdTech ecosystems.

Experts from across India and Victoria will share mutual learnings on education innovation, education technology and the education sector at large. We will discuss technology platforms, innovation models, product efficacy from each lens, targeting each audience and cultural nuances.

This exchange will help build lasting connections between leaders and peers in both markets.

Insights from those on the ground, insights you can only dream about

Two key components of the bilateral Innovation exchange

We will host a series of nine events. Each event will have a featured education innovation speakers:

Victorian Global Education and Innovation Expo EdTech Industry Business Matching

Two public events with expert speakers

Thanks to our partnership with Global Victoria we have been able to open up part of the Victoria-India Innovation exchange to the public. That’s right, to anyone, from anywhere – so if you are interested in education innovation and education technology, come along. The two public events are:

  • Learn from India’s Education Innovation
  • Learn from Victoria’s Education Innovation

Below we outline some of the expert speakers who will be presenting at these two public events.

Victorian Global Education and Innovation Expo EdTech Industry Business Matching

Invite only – For select Victorian & Indian EdTech companies

Each invite-only workshop has been designed to generate connections between Indian and Victorian industry leaders, support business opportunities and share mutual learnings on each other’s education sectors, technology platforms, innovation models, product efficacy. The invite-only program includes

  • Five workshops exclusively for 20 Victorian and 20 Indian EdTech companies
  • An online course with connected seminars.

Below we outline some of the expert speakers who will be presenting at these two public events.

Public Event – The Expert Speakers

Anyone who is interested in education innovation and education technology are welcome to attend these two public events. You will hear from established Indian and Victorian innovators, global investors, market experts, esteemed educators, and more. Each will share insights that can help you better understand education innovation and how education technology can improve outcomes for you personally or at your education institution or workplace.

Who should

The Victoria- India Innovation Exchange Program is specifically designed for:

  • From India: Educators and EdTech companies who want to connect deeply and learn from the Victorian, Australia EdTech ecosystem
  • From Victoria, Australia: Educators and EdTech companies who want to connect deeply and learn from the Indian EdTech ecosystem.

Following is a list of the various groups within these two ecosystem hubs who will benefit from the public event:

  • Schools, colleges, universities and training institutes
  • Teachers, lecturers and academics
  • Education departments at various government levels
  • EdTech entrepreneurs
  • EdTech investors
  • Companies who service the education industry
  • Education industry partners
  • Education consultants

Victoria & India – A perfect match

The Indian and Victorian EdTech sectors are booming. The synergies and opportunities between both locations are real.

Victorian Global Education and Innovation Expo EdTech Industry Business Matching

India, an ever growing education ecosystem

India is an exciting prospect for global education technology entrepreneurs based in Victoria. India has one of the biggest education systems in the world: 1.5 million K-12 schools and 37.4 million students in higher education alone.

The Indian EdTech sector has expanded rapidly over recent years. The sector includes over 4000 startup businesses, attracting substantial investment from global and Indian investors.

Growing from India’s internationally connected innovation hubs in cities such as Bengaluru and Delhi, the Indian EdTech vertical is now considered a global leader and home to some of the world’s largest EdTech companies.

Victoria, Australia. A key part of Australia’s EdTech ecosystem. 


EdTech Companies

mil K-12 schools

mil higher ed students

Educator or an EdTech
this is the event for you

This is an expo you
will not want to miss

Victoria, known for its education excellence

With leading universities, a global reputation for excellence in education at all levels, and state government enthusiasm for the sector, no wonder Victoria is known as an exemplary EdTech hub.

Victorian EdTech companies impact learners in Australia and around the world with class leading technology products.

 Victoria’s EdTech sector are leaders as

  • The home of Australia’s Online Program Management Sector
  • A centre for the future digital assessment across the education sector
  • The nucleus of the education innovation thought leadership sector necessary to drive the digital transformation of learning.


EdTech Companies


mil $ revenue

The program breakdown

The Victoria India Innovation Exchange program schedule takes place between April and June 2021. We have two public events and a series of invite-only events. This exchange program is focussed on learning from each other and how both can build sustainable education innovation using technology. We’ve covered the most important aspects to assist you with your market entry strategy and bring together the most valuable experts to contribute. This includes workshops, summits, meetings and other events. Below is our program schedule for Victorian and Indian entrepreneurs.


For Indian Educators and EdTech Entrepreneurs

  • How will your product fit into Australian education market?
  • How do you establish your EdTech business in Australia?
  • What do business experts recommend you think about when doing business in Australia?
  • How do I create EdTech partnerships in Australia?
  • What can I learn from EdTech innovation in Victoria?


For Victorian Educators and EdTech Entrepreneurs        

  • Hear from six leading Indian EdTech companies on how they deployed education innovation in India
  • Learn how to design an EdTech product for the Indian market 
  • Learn how to establish an EdTech company in India
  • Learn from Indian educators about the needs of their country
  • Develop connections with Indian EdTech executives and educators  
  • Test your EdTech solution with an Indian audience and gain valuable feedback.

Private program

These are the only two public events in this exchange. In the closed program, selected EdTech companies from India and Victoria learn about entering one another’s respective markets.

Victorian EdTechs participate in the below workshops:

  • Showcasing Victorian EdTech Innovation to India
  • EdTech Executive Connections
  • Supporting EdTech Partnerships in India

Indian EdTechs participate in the below workshops:

  • Establishing an EdTech company in Victoria
  • Understanding the needs of Australian Educators in evaluating your EdTech product
  • EdTech Executive Connections

Watch the summits.

The 2021 Victoria-India Innovation Exchange is now completed. Below are the recordings of the two sessions with international thought leaders on the Indian and Victorian education technology markets. 

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