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Connecting Victorian and Indian EdTech Innovation Ecosystems

From March to June 2021 2021, Indian and Victorian entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to connect with each other’s respective EdTech ecosystems. 

The Indian EdTech sector is an exciting prospect for global entrepreneurs, with one of the biggest education systems in the world: 1.5 million K-12 schools and 37.4 million students in higher education alone. Australia, in particular Victoria, has a reputation for education excellence—if your product can make it here, it can make it anywhere. 

Why attend? 

It’s unique: There’s nothing out there like this program for Australian EdTech entrepreneurs: a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to perfect a market entry strategy. 

It’s intensive: You will be diving deep into the mechanics and nuances of the Indian EdTech sector and education system.

It’s collaborative: You will connect with your peers in Australia, as well as with Indian innovators and sector leaders to gain real feedback. 

It’s practical: Through workshops and summits, you will develop a knowledge set and network to ready your product for the Indian market. 

It’s all virtual: The exchange will be hosted virtually, making it simpler to fit into your work and personal commitments. 

Why India?

India: one of the biggest education systems in the world. 

The Indian EdTech sector has expanded rapidly over recent years. The sector includes over 4000 startup businesses, attracting substantial investment from global and Indian investors.

Growing from India’s internationally connected innovation hubs in cities such as Bengaluru and Delhi, the Indian EdTech vertical is now considered a global leader and home to some of the world’s largest EdTech companies.

Program themes: Victorian companies to India

Program themes: Indian companies to Victoria

The program schedule

The program schedule takes place between March and June 2021. When designing this program, we wanted to ensure that we covered the most important aspects to influence your market entry strategy and bring together the most valuable experts to contribute. This include workshops, summits, meetings and other events. Below is our program schedule for Victorian and Indian entrepreneurs. 

Supporting EdTech Partnerships in India
March 31, 2021

India provides many opportunities for Victorian EdTech companies to build strong innovation partnerships. During this half-day roundtable, we will explore the partnership opportunities in shared development, support partners and sales partnerships.

Showcasing Victorian EdTech Innovation to India
20 April, 2021

Victoria has many innovative EdTech solutions that can support students today with new and enhanced learning outcomes. Hear from one of Victoria’s leading learning design providers as they detail the model they use to reimagine education in a digital borderless world.

EdTech Innovation in India
21–22 April, 2021

Day 1: India’s EdTech sector is an emerging giant. Indian EdTech entrepreneurs are building big companies that are impacting learners on the global stage. Connect with Indian EdTech Entrepreneurs to learn how they’ve grown their domestic business. 

Day 2: Connect with an EdTech entrepreneur directly who can provide insight on your product’s fit in the Indian context whilst you provide insight to them on the Victorian context.

EdTech Executive Connections
20 May, 2021

Connect India and Victorian EdTech Entrepreneurs as peers. Hear from a leading Victorian and Indian EdTech Entrepreneur on how they’ve managed to connect across the two locations. Participants will then discuss under Chatham House Rule the challenges they’ve faced in bringing their innovation to market.

Building an EdTech Product for the Australian Market
16 April–30 June 2021

Indian EdTech companies are emerging into the global market. Building an EdTech product that fits into Australia will support Indian EdTech companies accelerate their global reach. During this 8-week online program, you will step through each of the phases needed to build an EdTech product for the Australian context. During fortnightly meetings you will cooperate with a cohort of Victorian entrepreneurs on a similar journey.You will *also* meet with key sector leaders and get direct feedback on your product within the Australian context.

Understanding the Needs of Australian Educators in Evaluating your EdTech Product
11 May, 2021

Australian educators expect the products they deploy to be rigorous and focussed on the learners needs. As an Indian EdTech company you will need to show the efficacy of your product in the Australian context. During this workshop, you will hear from a leading educator on their model of evaluating an EdTech product. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with Victorian educators that can discuss their needs and how your product fits that need.

Showcasing Indian EdTech Innovation to Victoria
12 May, 2021

India is an emerging EdTech giant on the global stage. These solutions can drive innovation and student outcomes for your institution. In this half-day virtual summit, hear from 6 leading Indian EdTech companies as they detail their innovation that can be deployed to your students today.

Establishing an EdTech Company in Victoria
18–19 May, 2021

Day 1: Victoria is the home of Australia’s EdTech ecosystem. During this workshop you’ll discover the process of establishing an Australian operation. You’ll hear from solicitors, accountants and advisors on how to setup your operations.

Day 2: Specialists will explore how your product will fit into the Australia market. We’ll explore product efficacy, go-to-market models and key education trends across Australia.

EdTech Executive Connections
20 May, 2021

Connect Indian and Victorian EdTech Entrepreneurs as peers. Hear from a leading Victorian and Indian EdTech entreprenuer on how they’ve managed to connect across the two locations. Participants will then discuss under Chatham House Rule the challenges they’ve faced in bringing their innovation to market.

Building an EdTech Product for the Australian Market
16 April–30 June 2021

Conclusion of this 8-week course at the end of June. 

The expert speakers

You will hear from established innovators, global investors, market experts, esteemed educators, and more. Each one will contribute to a holistic approach to your market entry strategy. 

Each engagement will be designed to generate connections between industry leaders, support business opportunities and share mutual learnings on each other’s education sectors, technology platforms, innovation models, product efficacy.

We’re busy finalising the details with our speakers and will update shortly. 

Who can apply?

You may be eligible for the program, if you:

  1. Are an EdTech business
  2. Are headquartered in Victoria
  3. Have entered other overseas markets
  4. Have a valuation of $XXm

Apply to participate

Apply below to be considered for the Victoria-India Innovation Exchange as a Victorian participant.  We look forward to your application, and bringing together a collection of like-minded peers from Victoria and India. 


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