2020 USA
EdTech Trade Mission

22&23 | 29&30 September 2020


In partnership with Global Victoria, NSW Treasury: Study NSW and Austrade, EduGrowth brings to delegates a USA EdTech Trade mission like no other.

On the 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of September 2020 a delegation of Australian EdTech companies will enjoy a program featuring the best of the US EdTech Ecosystem leaders, specialist consultants and leading industry hubs. Participants will gain knowledge, insight and support as they develop their US entry strategy.

This trade mission suits companies that are ready to learn more about the potential for growth in the US EdTech Market.


  • The US is a potential market for expansion outside Australia
  • To better understand how your company fits in the Global EdTech environment
  • Already have a few customers from the US organically and would like to be more strategic about growing this market
  • Looking to seek investment through US capital markets



Day 1

US EdTech Market Overview

22 September 2020

8.00am AEST

15.00 PST
18.00 EST



US EdTech Ecosystem Leaders

Meet leaders from EdTech Hubs in the US.

These organisations have developed vibrant EdTech ecosystems to support emerging EdTech companies. LearnLaunch is an education innovation hub which connects and supports innovators to expand access to high-quality education for all learners. You will also meet Australian EdTech founders about how connections into ecosystem through LearnLaunch has supported their US market entry.

Ben Bungert

Alexandra Lamb

9.15am AEST

16.15 PST
19.15 EST



Getting started in the US market

An Introduction to Austrade
Austrade assists Australian businesses to succeed globally. Learn about how to connect with the services they have available to companies launching in the US.

An Introduction to Cooley Inc.
Cooley’s education team of 20+ attorneys guide clients through the complex regulatory environment that affects the education sector. This session will give you an understanding company structure, finance and accounting. They will also provide insight into the compliance and regulation to take into account when supplying technology into the US education market.

Sarah Nguyen

Matt Johnson
Cooley Inc.

10.30am AEST

17.30 PST
20.30 EST

Additional support for companies entering the US market

Meet the people in-country from each state that will support you as you expand to the US EdTech market.

Brian Carnahan
Global Victoria

Joe Kaesshaefer
Treasury NSW

11.00am AEST

18.00 PST
21.00 EST

Networking Coffee

Connect with the other delegates and speakers at this informal networking session to close the first day. Gain a better overview of other innovative Australian EdTech products and establish connections with other leaders in the community.

Day 2

US EdTech Capital Markets

23 September 2020

8.00am AEST

15.00 PST
18.00 EST

The LATAM EdTech Market

Exclusive to Victorian EdTech companies Global Victoria is hosting this session to give EdTech companies insight into the LATAM EdTech sector. Fernando will start with an overview of the key regions in the LATAM market delving into the commonalities and differences in the region. You will then meet Guilherme Cintra, from Eleva Educação. Eleva is a Brazilian company with a network of over 150 schools. They partner with EdTech companies to test, deploy and market products in Brazil. Learn how Guilherme builds partnerships and channels for EdTech companies globally. Then we will be joined by Josh Nester from SEEK Education, Australia’s Leading EdTech investor, who will give his insight into opportunities across the LATAM region. This panel session is not to be missed.

Fernando Valenzuela Migoya
Global EdTech Alliance

Guilherme Cintra
Eleva Educacao

Joshua Nester
SEEK Education

9.15am AEST

16.15 PST
19.15 EST

US EdTech investment markets

This is a unique chance to hear from two of the most experienced EdTech investors in the US:

Rita Ferrandino, Arc Capital
Jean Hammond, Learn Launch

Rita and Jean will discuss the characteristics of the US capital market and give you an understanding of the typical investment structures offered to offshore EdTech businesses. As well as a picture of what a typical US investment timeline involves for an offshore business.

They will touch on how to position your EdTech as an attractive US investment opportunity. Including what advisory or advocacy is available for Australian EdTech businesses seeking US capital investment.

Rita Ferrandino
Arc Capital

Jean Hammond

11.00am AEST

18.00 PST
21.00 EST

Global EdTech Investment

Founded in 2014, Owl Ventures is the largest venture capital firm in the world focused on the education technology market with over $1.2 billion in assets under management. The Silicon Valley based firm was purposely built to partner with and help scale the world’s leading education companies across the education spectrum including PreK-12, higher education and future of work (career mobility/professional learning). They invest in companies at all stages from early, growth and later stage and across all geographies around the world. Hear from Ian Chiu, Managing Director Owl Ventures on EdTech trends they are seeing globally.

Ian Chiu
Owl Ventures

Day 3

The US Higher Education Market

29 September 2020

8.00am AEST

15.00 PST
18.00 EST

A US Higher Education war story from Aussie company Ducere

Ducere is a world-class global business school with fully accredited university degrees, led by over 250 global leaders and business innovators. In this session we’ll hear from the founder Mathew Jacobson, who will talk openly about what it took to transition the Australian company into the US market. Discussing the differences between the two markets and how to navigate the Higher Education sector.

Mathew Jacobson

9.15am AEST

16.15 PST
19.15 EST

Building partnerships with global higher education institutions & skills training

Meet Tara Rodoni from Sage Education. Tara is an experienced international education sector executive. Specialising in new market opportunities, marketing and strategic planning. Tara has, and continues to hold senior roles in leading Higher Education and EdTech organisations and is especially adept in following the international markets. Tara will be discussing how to build partnerships in higher education and skill training institutions.

Tara Rodoni
Sage Education

10.30am AEST

17.30 PST
20.30 EST

US higher education sector innovation agenda

Meet Bridget Burns from the University Innovation Alliance
The University Innovation Alliance is the leading national coalition of public research universities committed to increasing the number and diversity of college graduates in the United States. Since their public launch in 2014, they have learned a lot about which innovations are most effective to help students stay in school and graduate. They have also learned a lot about how to transfer good ideas from one institution to another. Bridget will talk about the Alliance and their innovation agenda.

Bridget Burns
University Innovation Alliance

Day 4

The US K-12 Market

30 September 2020

8.00am AEST

15.00 PST
18.00 EST

Meet a US School Administrator

Panel discussion led by Irene Spero, Next Chapter Consulting
Irene will introduce the key organisations that support technology development and adoption in schools. She will then be joined by a panel of schoool IT administrators. It is the administrators who select, implement and ultimate decide on the EdTech products chosen for their schools. This is your chance to hear the voice of a real customer.

Irene Spero
Next Chapter Consulting

10.30am AEST

17.30 PST
20.30 EST

Selling to the US K-12 Market

Meet Rita Ferrandino from Arc Capital
In this session Rita Ferrandino will provide an overview of the US K-12 education market. She will provide practical advice for Australian EdTech businesses thinking of expanding to the lucrative US market.

Innovation in the US K-12 Market

Meet Michael Golden from Catalyst @ UPenn
Building on University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education’s legacy of education innovation and leadership, Catalyst operates at the nexus of education, business, and technology to help generate, test, adapt, and disseminate best practices and powerful new tools for educators at all levels. Michael will discuss innovation across the Education sector.

Rita Ferrandino
Arc Capital

Michael Golden
Catalyst @ UPenn

12.00pm AEST

17.00 PST
20.00 EST

Digital promise and the League of Innovative Schools

Meet Christina Luke from Digital Promise.
Established early in the Obama administration, Digital Promise works at the intersection of education leaders, researchers, and technology developers to improve learning opportunities for all and close the Digital Learning Gap. Christina will outline the organisation and the programs supporting schools where you can get involved.

Christina Luke
Digital Promise