2020 USA
EdTech Trade Mission

22&23 | 29&30 September 2020


In partnership with Global Victoria, NSW Treasury: Study NSW and Austrade, EduGrowth brings to delegates a USA EdTech Trade mission like no other.

On the 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th of September 2020 a delegation of Australian EdTech companies will enjoy a program featuring the best of the US EdTech Ecosystem leaders, specialist consultants and leading industry hubs. Participants will gain knowledge, insight and support as they develop their US entry strategy.

This trade mission suits companies that are ready to learn more about the potential for growth in the US EdTech Market.


  • The US is a potential market for expansion outside Australia
  • To better understand how your company fits in the Global EdTech environment
  • Already have a few customers from the US organically and would like to be more strategic about growing this market
  • Looking to seek investment through US capital markets




Cadmus is a secure, online assessment platform used by universities in Australia and overseas to deliver high quality assessment experiences to thousands of students. By simplifying the process of creating and delivering best practice assessment at scale, Cadmus can be implemented to support the biggest challenges faced by universities today; including academic integrity, student retention, remote learning and online exams.

Herk Kailis [email protected]

Cahoot Learning

Cahoot is a leading global digital education business founded and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Using its bespoke experiential learning platform, Cahoot has delivered superior quality digital learning experiences to over 1.6 million learners across 123 countries. Cahoot collaborates with top-tier universities including Stanford and MIT, Australian government agencies, global corporations, and leading professional institutions. In Cahoot, community and relationship is built into the learning design of each course. When combined with the underlying functionality of the technology, developed by the Cahoot team, we see remarkable levels of engagement and real shifts in behaviour.

Craig Crowther [email protected]


Cogniss is a low-code software platform that greatly reduces the design and development costs required to create Human Transformation Apps; that is, apps that combine best practice design principles with sophisticated technology to drive better outcomes in learning, health and behaviour change.

Our platform reimagines a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to design and innovate human-centered solutions that deliver real impact for themselves and their communities.


We have developed the world most accessible and affordable screening technology for Dyslexia using artificial intelligence. Screening can be done directly in your web browser, in under 10 minutes and requires no prior training.

Hugo Richard [email protected]


Edalex is an edtech company on a mission to surface digital learning assets, outcomes and the power of individual achievement. Founded in 2016, Edalex develops technology solutions that extract hidden value from educational data to make it accessible and more meaningful. Edalex brings together the team behind the CODiE award-winning openEQUELLA open source platform that centrally houses teaching and learning, research, media and library content. In 2019, Edalex launched Credentialate – a Micro-Credential Evidence Platform that increases the power and meaning of digital badges and analyses performance against learning outcomes like never before. For more information about Edalex, please contact [email protected].

Dan McFadyen [email protected]

Allister Oliver [email protected]


EdSmart is a cloud-based School Organisation System (SOS) for digital administration and communication. The platform streamlines operations and improves productivity for individual and multi-campus schools, school bodies and school networks. EdSmart’s elegant digital ‘paperwork’ and integrated workflows eliminate the inefficiencies and manual congestion of school forms, school consents and school alerts freeing up time to focus on student education and wellbeing. Tasks that previously relied on significant human labour are transformed into invisible processes that take care of themselves. Staff time is liberated, information is available at a glance, and data is aggregated for more robust analysis and insights. EdSmart is about enabling schools and school enterprises to automate routine processes, build community engagement, optimise operations and communication, control and secure data and create a working model for a more sustainable future. Smart Schools run better with EdSmart.

Ellen Richards [email protected]

Education Horizons Group

The Education Horizons Group was created in 2016 to better serve schools and help schools succeed. The Group was formed by the merger of longstanding education software companies, Synergetic Management Systems and SEQTA Software. The founders of these companies had recognised that schools needed integrated software solutions to connect a school’s community, support teachers and streamline administration. Since then, enterprising ed-tech providers including Engage, myEdOnline, SchoolPRO and OMNILINK have joined the Group, bolstering the ability to offer schools customised end-to-end software solutions that truly empower administration staff and teachers to complete their work as effectively as possible. Today the Group is staffed by some of the brightest minds in EdTech, delivering outstanding support to over 1900 schools across more than 60 countries. The Group is undertaking one of the most ambitious development programs to create the first School Experience and Management Solution.

Paul Liddiatt [email protected]

Barry Anns [email protected]

Education Perfect

Empower your teaching with our leading edge, personalised and curriculum-aligned online resources that’s all in one platform. The sky’s the limit…or is it? Our dream is to unite the world through education. Education Perfect is the ultimate online learning platform used by over 1 million students from 2,000+ schools for their learning and revision. We’re driven by a collective desire to see technology improve student learning outcomes and magnify the value of a teacher in the classroom.

Educator Impact

Five years ago we started our business by introducing a pioneering method for teachers to obtain 360-degree feedback in their classroom. It worked by enabling teachers to obtain quantitative and qualitative feedback on their practice from students, observers, and a self-assessment. Our key differentiator has and always will be that we put the teacher at the centre of the process. Ours is not a performance management tool; quite the opposite. The EI’s platform is human-centred and development focused.

The final product in our professional development suite was dedicated to school support staff, again based on a framework of best practice that we developed with our customers.

Nabil Shaheen [email protected]

Genix Ventures

Genix is a Melbourne based provider of software and professional services to the government, financial services, transport and education sectors. Its Edtech offerings, PROTRACK (the recipient of an iAward for Education) and EXAMINA+ are in use by government agencies, universities, vocational training providers, professional bodies and certification providers in 51 countries. The EXAMINA+ platform manages the assessment lifecycle and supports candidate enrollment, item and paper creation, resource management, assessment delivery, marking and analysis for both online and paper-based assessments, and is used to deliver some 1 million assessments every year. Genix has added a remote proctoring component to the EXAMINA+ platform in response to the pandemic – the new module streamlines candidate access to the platform, meets Australian data sovereignty requirements, allows customers to use their own proctors and is designed to support more than 1000 concurrent assessments.

Steve Godinho [email protected]


HiJo is a data services business focused in informing early intervention of those at most risk of developing a mental health condition. HiJo does this by providing a highly intuitive device to each student that allows for mood inputs at anytime at their own discretion. This data is called ‘Ecological Momentary Assessment’ data meaning it is immediate and the science loves it! This environmentally smart device also collects data on ambient temperature, light, noise and even proximity to other devices as well as some other cool connectivity stuff like the ‘Teacher Assist’ button and ‘Pop Quiz’ feature. With our patented AI analytics HiJo will not only provide a portal to the teacher for live updates but a monthly report highlighting any mood or behavioral patterns over time. This data is zero knowledge data to everyone except the teacher! Kids have a voice, teachers are informed and parents get peace of mind – win, win, win:)

Paul Salmon [email protected]


Cambridge HOTmaths, a subsidiary of Cambridge University Press is an education technology company based in Australia. Founded in 2001, Cambridge HOTmaths has produced a comprehensive interactive mathematics learning system with content developed by a team of highly qualified educators. The platform has captured a large share of the Australian market with a user base of over 300, 000 students and teachers.

Mark O’Neil [email protected]
Ben  Hancott [email protected]


Inquisitive has everything you need to teach History and Geography (Years F – 6), with Science and Technology now being added. The lessons use original stimulus resources and guided inquiry, so students learn with purpose and depth. 


InternMatch is an online, real-time internship marketplace where students, host companies and education providers meet in a transparent, defined and compliant environment. InternMatch enables Education Providers to scale industry opportunities whilst staying in control and facilitating full transparency and accountability. InternMatch provides visibility on student progress through critical milestones. Automation takes care of the creation, distribution and storage of compliance documents, while real-time workflow, rules, reminders and alerts guides stakeholders through all stages of the process.

Gerard Holland [email protected]

Kilbaha Education

Kilbaha Education delivers digital resources to schools, teachers and students throughout Australia. Our resources cover the class levels from Year 3 through to Year 12 in English, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and History. Many of these resources are interactive with automatic checking of student input and automatic marking and scoring of assignments. Our assessment products for Mathematics and English can be used to keep track of student progress in numeracy and literacy. Our interactive digital resources can be implemented simply and effectively on any computer using the free downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader. An internet connection is not required to use our digital resources thereby making them a fantastic solution for all schools.


Loop is a mobile and web app used by teachers to gather feedback form their students. Loop prides itself on being the fastest and easiest tool to gather student feedback. Loop is used at schools and tertiary institutions. It is used by teachers for feedback relevant to class and by administrators/leaders for a broader understanding of the student experience. Loop is used by teachers and students across more than 5000 institutions globally. A majority of our users are based in the US.

Ben Barnett [email protected]


Mindsets Learning is an award-winning inquiry & project-based learning platform that brings authentic, real-world experiences into classrooms. Spark creativity & computational thinking through real world Challenges for K12 Math, Science & STEM.

Marissa di Pasquale [email protected]

Tom Davis [email protected]

Pivot Professional Learning

Pivot is a leading educational data and insights company that provides educators and schools with actionable information on teacher effectiveness. Pivot helps teachers increase their impact by supporting them to improve their teaching practice, student relationships and engagement through structured feedback channel.

Amanda Bickerstaff [email protected]


Pixevety reduces the daily stress and privacy pitfalls of managing and sharing collections of photos and videos of children online. A smart photo management tool for schools and parents, pixevety offers unique, state of the art real-time consent technology based on the consent wishes of parents & legal guardians to help protect the images of children. Highly efficient, automated management of student and staff images hosted in one central secure place for entire communities to safely enjoy, we are a proud Australian Privacy Principle (APP) registered company who has been partnering with leading independent schools across Australia, NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong since 2012 to store and protect the images of children.

Colin Anson [email protected]


Schoolbox is an all-in-one learning management system (LMS), community portal, and engagement platform for K–12 schools. Schoolbox is a mature, robust and sustainable platform that connects your entire school community and powers innovative teaching and learning.

Schoolbox is proudly Australian since 2002 and growing globally with over 35,000 teachers pioneering and creating virtual learning environments and over 180,000 parents engaged in their child’s learning.

Sean Richards [email protected]


We exist to enable student placements around the world through powerful technology and human expertise. Sofiri supports aspiring international students, education providers and agencies to achieve their international education goals, easier and faster as it combines the efficiency and accessibility of sophisticated technology, with the personal care and expertise of humans to ultimately help aspiring students achieve their plans to study internationally.

We work with education experts proficient in more than 30 languages, located in more than 15 countries who have undergone a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet mandatory requirements, which guarantees that aspiring students will have a highly satisfactory counselling and application process.

George Hernandez [email protected]


TALi was established to assist the 136 million children diagnosed with disorders characterised by symptoms of attention deficits. Patented TALi technology, which was founded on more than 25 years of research in developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience, utilises a digital gamified environment executed on touchscreen tablets to deploy psychometric tests and cognitive training exercises designed to screen, assess and improve specific cognitive skills associated with disorders of attention deficit during early childhood (ages 3 to 8 years). This evidence-based platform provides both a novel, non-invasive alternate first-line early intervention with long-term benefit, as well as a digital profile of the attention-related cognitive capabilities of a child. TALi provides unique solution to address a multifaceted concern that costs the US economy more $143-266B in impact on the individual and wider society.


We empower educators to create highly effective video based online learning in a fraction of the time and cost of eLearning. We make creating highly engaging online learning simple for anyone: VidVersity is very simple and elegant to use with a range of features to guide educators on how to not just create simplistic online learning but, critically, highly effective and engaging online learning.

And as we are completely focused (maybe even obsessed) on making online learning simple, VidVersity has just what what educators actually need to create high quality online learning and nothing more.

Simon Quirk [email protected]