Joining EduGrowth

Choose the level of membership below that best suits you. 

When you have completed the application you will receive an invoice to finalise your membership.

Early Stage

$250 per annum

Members in this category are in the first stages of their EdTech journey.  

They are seeking support in defining their product, working with mentors, building education sector knowledge and the fundamental skills to establish their business.

They have built early versions of their product or service, but are still clarifying the viability of their plans.

They may have raised some capital and/or engaged some pilot customers.

Late Stage

$950 per annum

Members in this category will have operational products or services and an established business model – though may be raising late stage capital rounds. 

They have established  successful first customers beyond the pilot stage.

They are seeking to scale their business locally, nationally or internationally.

They are looking to ensure the longer term viability of their businesses by developing themselves, their team and their governance structures.


$2,500 per annum

Members in this category have well established businesses supplying products or services to a range of customers either locally, nationally or internationally. 

They are the current suppliers and partners to the education providers and sector as a whole.

These members understand the need for a vibrant and dynamic EdTech and innovation ecosystem.  As established players they seek to deepen their brand in the sector and are seeking to give-back to the ecosystem as a whole.

Early Stage Startups

Late Stage Startups

Established Companies