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LaunchPad Essentials

A program for founders to help navigate the complex environments that exist when seeking school and university customers in Australia. The program consists of a series of learning modules to guide founders through the primary stages of building an EdTech business. Education is a unique industry with unique challenges and this program leverages the knowledge of experts who have achieved success in the K-12 and higher education sectors.

This program responds to a key challenge faced by founders, and will provide the tools required to help you approach building relationships with schools and universities. 

Each learning module will:

  • include video, slides and activities to support the learning outcomes
  • include 1-3 experts talking to the defined topic

How to get started


LaunchPad Essentials is free to access for all EduGrowth members.

Online Training

Learning Modules

Learn from the experts in

K12 & Higher Ed

Product Design

Learn the specific steps to take in order to design a product that is able to be iteratively improved upon and has a focus on the user experience.

Pedagogical Approach

Understand the importance of developing a robust pedagogical approach and how to synthesize both quantitative and qualitative approaches.  

Piloting Process

Learn how to initiate and leverage your pilot to ensure your business has the best chance of success.

Identification of Key Customers

Understand who you should begin selling to as a starting point for your business.

Understanding the decision making process

Understand the dynamics at play for how a decision is made in the education sector.

Sales Strategy

Learn about the key components that are required to make a repeatable and reliable sales funnel in the education sector.

Marketing Strategy

Learn the importance of understanding how the market talks in the education sector so that you are able to create effective messaging.

Business Models

Understand the importance of creating an innovative business model in the education sector.

Grainne Oates

Mark Pettitt

Adam Brimo
Open Learning

Wes Sonnenreich

Gerard Holland
Outcome Life

Tim Praill
Navitas Ventures

Belinda Harries
Pivot PL

Leon Young

Anthony Morris

Ryan O’Hare
Keypath Education

Craig Simon
Zomo Consulting

Adam McArthur
Literacy Planet