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Conferences & Expos

EduTECH Conference & Expo

With more than 10,000 visitors and 100s of companies exhibiting, EduTECH is Australia’s leading education exhibition and sits comfortably amongst the world’s best.

Universities Australia Conference

A signature annual event for the higher education sector that draws vice-chancellors, chancellors, senior university representatives, government, industry, research and international education specialists each year.

ASU GSV Conference USA

The world’s leading education and workforce innovation summit held in San Diego USA. Attended by over 5,000 people, boasting over 1,000 speakers with representation from over 45 countries.

News & Updates

Thought Leadership

Building an Innovation Precinct

Education is changing!  That’s a simple statement which hides the real driver: innovation of education for students, learners, educators, institutions, employers and economies - globally.  Around the world there are thousands of education conferences and summits. ...

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A digital future for higher ed

On the Innovation Stage at EduTECH, our panel discussed the future of higher education learning and what that means for the traditional university campus. Wes Sonnenreich of Practera, Grainne Oates of Quitch, Glenn Campbell of DeakinCo. and Dror Ben-Naim of Smart...

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Embracing soft skills in the face of change

Soft skills from employees and great cultures set by employers, are the future of the workplace as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so says the Future of Work Panel at EduTECH Sydney. After a keynote address by Sophie Lanyon, Manager Professional Practice...

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Advancing classroom assessment with technology

There’s more to what goes on in a classroom than is shown through standardised testing, but can technological innovations give both teachers and parents a more holistic view of a child’s progress? On the EduGrowth Innovation Stage at EduTECH Sydney Dr Sandy...

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Tim Praill: a way forward for edtech

By 2030, the largest company on the internet is going to be an education based company that we haven’t heard of yet. Tim Praill cited futurist Thomas Frey at his recent keynote during the EduTECH conference and expo in Sydney.  Tim Praill, Head of Navitas Ventures...

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Innovating the international student experience

Innovation in the EdTech space is offering higher ed the opportunity to disrupt the current international student recruitment model and remain competitive into the future.  Discussing this on EduGrowth’s Innovation Stage at EduTECH Sydney were Adam Brimo from Open...

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Meeting the challenge of change in education

What comes first - education innovation or education technology? The Innovation Stage at EduTECH tackled this question and looked at how technology and education are working together to drive change. David Linke from EduGrowth, Amanda Pickrell from the Victorian...

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