Literatu helps teachers engage students the way students like to learn ...interactively, online.

Literatu is very simple to understand, which is why it is so easy to work with. We help teachers reset the way the assessment process works with their students.

Assessments in Literatu are not just another barrage of someone else’s questions looking for immediate answers. Assessments in Literatu can comprise a range of interactive worksheets ranging from a simple homework or revision sheet, to an extension or remedial worksheet, to an essay or short answer questions, to a formal summative assessment.

The major feature of Literatu is the way we hand teachers complete control over the assessment content, the delivery and marking process and the measurement of results.

Literatu transforms existing materials from any current format, language and subject, into interactive, online assessments deployed to students for completion across web, iPad or tablet.

Literatu is purpose built for teachers to take control of the screens, engage students on the platform they like the most and most importantly, have more time to manage the students rather than the paper.