Teachers and Corporate trainers often report that they are swimming against the tide when developing 21st Century skills and competencies in engaged lifelong learners. Here at Accelium, we provide our partners with transferable tools and processes to facilitate the development of their people into confident and communicative problem solvers, decision makers, team players who are analytical and agile.

Accelium develops higher-order cognitive, social and emotional skills using strategy games!

Developing the ACARA General Capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social capabilities are the bedrock of our partnerships with schools in Australia.

Based on the scientifically proven Mind Lab methodology and adopted in over 30 countries worldwide, our unique learning process blends group instruction, personal coaching and state of the art digital learning. For the past 23 years, we have been introducing learners to the powerful strategic tools used by Chess Masters and Game Theory experts for analysis, problem-solving, and decision making, helping them become more effective, methodical and resilient.