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Our programs focus on developing the entire education technology and innovation sector. We have a range of services supporting EdTech companies at each stage of their journey, whilst also connecting education providers and industry participants into the broader ecosystem.

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We are connecting a community of education providers, industry participants and EdTech entrepreneurs committed to reimagining learning in the digital age.



The 2018 Australian EdTech Market Census is now open

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Your collective responses to the Census survey will provide a deeper understanding of Australian EdTech businesses, the challenges faced and the scope of the industry.



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Collaboration in EdTech

Vision Statement | To transform global communities by enabling the growth of Australian EdTech EduGrowth continues to play a critical role in the Australian EdTech sector: Advocating for Australian EdTech, lobbying government and investment Connecting EdTech companies...

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Balancing security and flexibility in e-assessment

To explore the challenging e-assessment terrain, Inspera engaged EduGrowth and Professor Phillip Dawson to analyse the literature and consult with experts and leaders from across the sector. This report offers key recommendations built from the research, participants’ expertise and examples of good practise.