EduGrowth is excited to be partnering with Google Workspace to offer our members an exclusive discount on the Google Workspace Business Starter and Business Standard plans.

When you sign up for a Google Workspace Business Starter or Business Standard plan for 1 year you will receive a 15% discount on your subscription. If you sign up for 3 years you will receive a 25% discount on your subscription.

This exciting offer is only available to EduGrowth Members.  If you aren’t a current member, then you must also purchase EduGrowth membership that matches the discount period you choose. 

Used by 8 million businesses and 170 million students globally, Google Workspace is a set of powerful tools that can help you and your team communicate better, collaborate more effectively and be more productive. Google Workspace offers:

  • Seamless collaboration allowing your team to work on documents in real-time
  • Increased productivity with tools to help you and your team stay organised, manage schedules and work more efficiently
  • Easy-access with all documents stored in the cloud so your team can work from anywhere, together
  • Security with industry leading security features like two-factor authentication and data encryption to keep your data safe

Google Workspace is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and combined with the limited-time only offer for EduGrowth members it is an incredible deal you don’t want to miss.

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Limited-time only offer. Only available to Australian and New Zealand companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Workspace?

Learn more about Google Workspace here

What’s the difference between Google Workspace Business Starter and Business Plus?

To compare features, please see

What if I already have a Google Workspace subscription?
  • If you have an fixed term agreement, you can upgrade to the 3 year option
  • You new subscription will begin at the end of your current agreement
  • EG – If you have a 12 month subscription ending in June, then you can buy a 3 year subscription from July onwards – you just need to register interest before this offer ends
  • If you are currently on a Flexible Payment Plan, you will be eligible for the offer
What if my current Workspace plan is not the Business Starter or Business Standard plan?

This discount is only applicable to the Business Starter and Business Standard plan.

Do I need to commit to an EduGrowth Membership and the Google Workspace Plan together?
  • This offer is only available to EduGrowth members
  • You will need to remain and EduGrowth member during the same period of time as your Google Workspace discount
  • EG – If you sign up for Google Workspace for 3 years and receive the 25% discount, you will also need to commit to 3 years of EduGrowth membership
How do I become an EduGrowth Member?

 As part of the expression of interest process, you will get to nominate the EduGrowth membership level you’ll be applying for.

Learn about the benefits of EduGrowth membership.

Further questions?

For questions about the Google Workspace offer, please contact [email protected].

Or contact us at [email protected] for any questions about EduGrowth membership.