Venture Cafe: 31st Century Skills

Discover & celebrate EdTech entrepreneurship at Venture Cafe

We are connecting a community of education providers, industry participants and edtech entrepreneurs committed to reimagining learning in the digital age. As education transitions to borderless digital delivery, our diverse ecosystem will impact the future of learning globally from Australia.

Venture Cafe is hosting an Online Gathering to discover and celebrate edtech entrepreneurship in Australia.

What you will learn

– The opportunities and challenges for Australian edtech companies.

– How technology can enable more authentic learning experiences.

– Have one on one sessions with EduGrowth mentors

– Deep Dive into key skills to get your edtech venture off the ground


3.00 PM – 3.45 PM: CONVERSATION CORNER: WHAT WILL EDUCATION LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE? Join the discuss online at this link.

4.30 PM – 5.30 PM: WORKSHOP: GROWING AN EDTECH COMPANY: THE ESSENTIALS Join the discussion at this link.

Jeannette Tran from EduGrowth – Australia’s industry hub for education innovation in Australia will be joined by Craig Simon from Zomo Consulting – EdTech company growth guru.

They will be chatting about all the practical tips and tricks you need to build a successful EdTech company. The conversation cover how to think about shaping your product to meet the needs of educators and getting in front of those first customers.

5.30 PM – 6.30 PM: PANEL: 31ST CENTURY SKILLS & THE FUTURE OF WORK Join the discussion at this link.

Panel discussion on how we can equip our students for a lifetime of learning, and what are the growing on-demand skills for a growing EdTech ecosystem.

Join the conversation with: Keith Heggart, Lecturer in Learning Design (UTS), Shi-Shi Truong (Director at Practera), Jane Qiu (Co-founder at and Jonathan Nalder, Moderator (ICT trainer and Founder of Future We)

The Venue

Venture Cafe Sydney connects innovators and entrepreneurs with high-impact programming and events. They create intentional spaces for individuals and organisations to gather, connect and build relationships.

With thanks to EduGrowth’s Strategic Partner AWS EdStart


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