PitchEd – K12 EdTech Showcase: Practical STEM Online & in the Classroom

This event will feature a conversation on STEM learning online, followed by an NSW EdTech showcase in the K12 space.

Join the K12 Showcase, an EdTech event with a focus on teaching STEM online.

This event will feature an in-conversation session with two prominent leaders in K12 STEM education, followed by a showcase of four NSW EdTech products focussed on student engagement with STEM.

At the end of this event, we will have time allocated for networking.

What you will learn

Learn about how under-represented students have been connected with STEM learning through dedicated programs. We’ll discuss how schools can deliver engaging STEM education online as well as in the classroom—particularly in the COVID context. Practical experience is key to engaging STEM learning, we will explore how we can create this experience digitally and face to face.

This event also highlights the role the broader NSW education sector has to play in the EdTech Ecosystem. As educators and administrators, you can play an important role for the EdTech sector as you become co-creators of the most innovative education technologies in the world . In turn, the Edtech sector offers fresh, innovative delivery platforms that will help you become more effective in the classroom.

With thanks to our partners

A NSW Government initiative in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, Study NSW, Jobs for NSW, and EduGrowth.

This event is made possible by our partnership with ClickView. ClickView is a NSW educational video resource platform. Used by over 3,800 schools with a 98% renewal rate, a ClickView subscription gives your school access to thousands of videos and educational resources for all subjects, in a safe and secure environment.