Learn from Victoria’s Education Innovation

On 7 May 2021, learn about some of the latest solutions in Victorian education innovation — from two expert speakers and 12 companies.

Hear from established Victorian education leaders at the helm of innovation.

Developed in partnership with Global Victoria and India Didactics Association, this program is a public event as part of the Victoria-India Innovation Exchange.

Two keynote speakers will share insights that can help you better understand education innovation and how education technology can improve outcomes — for you personally or at your workplace.

12 Victorian EdTech companies, selected participants of the Exchange, will present their solutions to a global audience.

We’re busy finalising the details with our speakers and companies. Stay tuned for updates.

How do I watch this event?

This event will be streamed on Hopin. Make sure to sign up for the platform and join the event. On the day of the event, in Hopin please click on the “main stage” link to the left of the screen to join the summit.

Register at Hopin to watch the webinar:


Our thought leadership speakers

In this session, two thought leaders education innovation will join us for a discussion. With their decades’ experience in the sector, they will be able to shed light on important themes in education.

This session will feature a discussion between Professor (Dr) Sandeep Sancheti, Vice Chancellor of Marwadi University, and David Linke, Managing Director of EduGrowth.

Our program partners

With thanks to our program partner, Global Victoria, and our support from India Didactics Association. The Victoria-India Innovation Exchange aims to create an opportunity for Indian and Victorian companies to connect and learn from one another — and ultimately, to have the tools needed for market entry.

About EduGrowth

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