LaunchPad Essentials Insights Seminars – Startup Sales Strategy

A thought-leadership series for startups. In this seminar, hear from experts on how to develop a sales strategy that works for your product.

Education innovation insights seminars (virtual)

Welcome to the fourth virtual EduGrowth Insights Seminars in 2021. This is a chance to gain the tools to accelerate an early-stage startup or to make a seed of an idea, a reality.

These seminars have covered a range of essential topics: Business Models & Product Designs, Marketing Strategy, and Sales Strategies.

Hear from established thought leaders in the sector — they’ve been where you are, and have the know-how of what it takes to go further. These seminars include a Q&A with the speaker and an opportunity for virtual networking with your peers.

Session #4: Building a Sales Strategy: Startup Sales and Revenue Generation

What does a successful sales strategy look like in the education sector? What are the sales funnels? Who are making the buying decisions in the sector?

Oliver Kransy, CEO of the InStudent Group will help participants navigate these questions. Harnessing their experiences, they’ll provide real-world insights on the tools businesses need to address their sales approach.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in education innovation and education technology will find our seminars useful.

1. EdTech startups

2. Academics and Educators with an EdTech idea

3. Professionals in EdTech or Education industry

What you will learn

– The key components that are required to make a repeatable and reliable sales funnel in the education sector

– How a buying decision is made in the education sector

– How to build great relationships with education institutions


3:30 pm | Opening Remarks from Jeannette Tran – Member Manager of EduGrowth / Moderator. Introduction of the LaunchPad Program, topics and speakers.

3:35 pm | Conversation and Q&A with speakers Oliver Krasny, CEO of the InStudent Group.

4:35 pm | Virtual networking across Australia (Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra & Adelaide EdTech community).

5:00 pm | Event Close.

Our thought leadership speakers

Oliver Krasny

Oliver Krasny has founded and exited EdTech companies across SaaS, publishing, and E-learning. He is currently CEO of the InStudent Group, which operates ATAR Notes and Neap, providing EdTech B2C to over 50,000 students, and B2B to over 1,000 schools, respectively. Oliver is an active investor and advisor to several business and is best placed to advise start-ups on capital raising, product development and go-to market strategy.

Previous seminars

If you missed any of the previous events, you can get in touch with our Member Manager, Jeannette, for more information and be informed of our future events.

Seminar 1 – Shaping your business: product design and business models

Seminar 2 – Co-creating with your customer: pedagogy and piloting

Seminar 3 – Communicating with customers: EdTech marketing strategy

More information

Insights Seminars plays a significant role in the entire LaunchPad program developed by EduGrowth. We invite prestigious industry experts to share their insights over a one-and-a-half-hour seminar fortnightly across eight weeks. Learn more here.

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