K-12 Showcase – Wellbeing & Pastoral Care in a Digital Environment

This EdTech showcase is focussed on pastoral care. Listen to an expert on wellbeing and learn about Australian EdTech in this arena

Explore how you can provide pastoral care in a digital environment.

Society as a whole is dealing with increased worry and distress. How can you as Teachers provide support to your students when you aren’t in the same room?

Dr Timothy Hawkes OAM is an educator, social commentator and author. Tim will speak about well being, delving into practical ways that you can look after yourself and your students. Sharing tools, frameworks and concepts that can be implemented in a K-12 school setting. Tim more recently has been involved in developing Truwell – A Wellbeing Program for Teachers.

Following the keynote address, we will be highlighting some Australian EdTech companies that can assist you right now in providing pastoral care to students. They provide real solutions in the emotional well being arena. Discover how technology can support your students, and assist in building resilience.

This showcase event will profile five Australian EdTech solutions that are proven, available, and ready to scale in the K12 school sector.

The companies presenting their solutions in this webinar are:


Skodel is the most intuitive self reporting tool for monitoring the wellbeing of each child. Unlike traditional large scale survey approaches, Skodel enables teachers to ‘check-in’ with their students in 30 seconds. With every check-in, Skodel builds a picture of each students’ wellbeing and communicates this back to teachers in a simple and easy manner, so that all stakeholders can understand what wellbeing looks like for the individual, class and whole school.

Champion Life

Champion Life uses regular physical activity as a “superpower” to improve student’s mental and physical health. We do this by engaging them in fun physical activities presented by real-life role models who are “virtual mentors” that not only inspire activity but deliver positive wellbeing messages. Behind all this activity and positive mentoring is a comprehensive wellbeing monitoring system that provides valuable wellbeing and physical literacy data to help schools to support and improve student wellbeing throughout the year.

Life Skills Go

Life Skills Group is a global leader strengthening the human intelligence, mental and physical health of young people and their communities. Our innovative programs equip students, teachers, and parents with tools to develop the social, emotional and physical capabilities needed to thrive today and in the future. Life Skills GO is an engaging and fun online learning space for primary school children, it is evidence-based, curriculum-aligned, built for K-6, that enables teachers to develop student’s social, emotional and physical skills for successful learning and to thrive in life, by providing them with the lesson structure, content, and analytics to deliver curriculum-aligned classes within their desired workflows.


Pivot believes in the power of evidence-based feedback to transform teacher effectiveness. Australian-based, with global reach, Pivot offers a range of best-practise data and reporting solutions that harness the power of student voice, distilling classroom feedback into actionable insights that support ongoing professional development and enhance student outcomes. Pivot is proudly female-founded and female-led.


A wellbeing program for teachers. Surveys show 60% of Australian teachers are stressed with some also suffering work-related depression. Over 30% of Australian teachers are leaving the profession within their first five years. WorkCover receives more compensation claims from teachers than from any other profession.

Accordingly, the TRUWELL program has been developed to assist heads of school to monitor, encourage and equip their teachers with the skills needed to flourish.

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