K-12 EdTech Whitepaper Launch 2020


November 18


09:00 am - 10:00 am

K-12 schools play a critical role in the education system. It is during these school years that we prepare students to fill the jobs of the future. However, advancements in technology mean that the jobs of the future are changing. K-12 schools must quickly adapt to these changes or risk falling behind on higher education and workforce expectations.

Through our survey results of the K-12 EdTech landscape, facilitated in partnership with Greenwich Capital Partners, we have put together a whitepaper on the state of the K-12 EdTech sector and where it’s heading.

Please join us for the virtual launch event of our whitepaper “What it takes to be successful in K-12 EdTech”. We will explore the market landscape for Australian EdTech companies and outline the challenges and opportunities faced by the sector. In particular, Greenwich Capital Partners will provide recommendations on how you can shape your strategy to take advantage of this growth.

To join the webinar – register via this link