HE EdTech Showcase – spotlight on digital borderless education technology

This webinar will demo Australian EdTech solutions that can help support the provision of digital borderless education.

Amidst the current uncertainty, how do we help education providers to continue to provide educational security and continuity to students nationally and internationally with Australian EdTech.

Join EduGrowth as we profile Australian EdTech solutions that are proven, available, and ready to scale in the higher education sector.

Understand how Australian EdTech solutions can support your organisation to provide digital borderless access to:

Understand how Australian EdTech solutions can support your university, TAFE or RTO in providing digital borderless access to:

* Service that support students socially and emotionally

* Deliver continuity of education remote

* Administer assessments digitally with online proctoring

Six Australian EdTech companies will showcase their solution in terms of:

* Detailing their product and its link to remote access

* Describing how they can deploy at scale

The companies presenting their solutions in this webinar are:


Secure and cost-effective Australian hosted cognitive online remote proctoring.

Grok Learning

Online learn-to-code resources tailored to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.


Innovative internship placement and management platform bridging the global skills gap to unlock value for students, education providers and companies.


AI driven writing improvement platform for all levels of English language students.


OpenLearning is the most advanced platform designed from the ground up for social constructivism.


24/7 study support at scale from a real person, to deliver timely improvements to students’ confidence, satisfaction with study, and academic integrity