EduGrowth Launch Pad: Strategic Pricing for EdTech Products

The Event

LaunchPad Online is an EduGrowth initiative aimed at providing deep understanding of how to build more effective and profitable EdTech products. This series of webinars will provide insights into how to price products effectively.

The program will run over 3 weeks online:

Week 1: Fundamentals of strategic pricing

Week 2: Pricing for common EdTech business models

Week 3: EdTech pricing case study with MAPPEN

The Presenters

Week 1 – Jon Manning – Head of Pricing,

Internationally recognised and experienced, Jon’s optimal pricing strategies ensure that companies he works with achieve an average of 20.9% revenue uplift.

Jon’s career has been a journey through the most commonly used pricing methodologies: the cryptic world of oil industry pricing, cost-plus pricing in catering and consumer packaged goods, revenue / yield management in aviation, travel and tourism, and dynamic pricing in internet cafes on the High Streets of the EU and USA.

Today, Jon primarily develops value-based pricing and monetisation strategies for companies that recognise its not what he knows about pricing in an industry that counts: its what he knows about pricing in so many other industries that helps make Jon’s work with them more profitable.

Week 2 – Mark Lamont – Founder and Director of World Mosaic

Mark Lamont directly influences improvements in learning and teaching for millions of students and teachers worldwide.

Mr Lamont is one of the most globally connected professionals in education technology. He is a consultant to education ministries, corporations, investors and technology entrepreneurs; international market-entry strategy and execution specialist, software and multimedia start-up coach and brand developer; learning reform advocate, writer, lobbyist and presenter; old and new world education market strategist and forecaster. He has recent and current bases in Australia, USA, UK and the Middle East.

Mr. Lamont has a strong international track-record in high-stakes education and technology transformation initiatives. He is a specialist integrator of pedagogy, technology, marketing and commercial requirements. He is renowned for assisting boards and entrepreneurs to see beyond their products and for assisting education leaders in public policy reform.

Week 3 – MAPPEN

MAPPEN is an online curriculum and professional learning solution for primary schools.  It provides teachers with integrated units that bridge the gap between curriculum, pedagogy and practice.

As a curriculum focussed platform, MAPPEN has captured a plethora of the Australian curriculum acronyms – if you want to really show your connection to the sector, then you use the nicknames of the acronyms too – ACARA –  NESA – SCASA – VCAA…

Born out of a mother’s frustration as an education consultant and then some real life sibling rivalry, today we see a rapidly growing Australian EdTech success story in its 13th year.