EduGrowth Insights Seminar – TYPSY – an Global EdTech company from Day 1

The Event

Join us at an insights seminar. Meet Jonathan Plowright from Typsy and hear about his experience taking his EdTech company global from day one.

Whether you are a startup, industry expert, investor, representative of a major education provider,  government representative or education enthusiast – this is a unique networking opportunity.

Jonathan Plowright and Typsy

I had my first million-dollar idea at 17 – selling advertising space on the moon. The plan was to project company logos onto the moon’s surface so that they could be seen from earth. I hit some hurdles.

During those early days, I dreamed up just about every outlandish business idea under the sun. Each added momentum and guided me closer to what I wanted, even if I never knew it.

In 2004, I set up my first financie broking business. I haven’t looked back since.

A few years ago, after selling my finance business and spending two years in Vancouver, I opened the doors to Typsy. Back then we were helping hospitality businesses with finance. After we built some strong relationships with businesses, they started asking us for advice on other things, like marketing plans and Facebook strategies.

Until then, we hadn’t realized how tough it was for people to find hospitality-specific knowledge. So we decided to make a massive shift. Now we partner with experts who really know their stuff, stick them in front of a camera, and ask them to share their best tips with our community.

By watching our online training courses, hospitality professionals can learn from the world’s best instructors, on hundreds of topics, anytime and anywhere.

We’re changing how hospitality skills are learned and applied. Training never felt this good!

The Venue

Deakin University – Downtown
Level 12, Tower 2
727 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3008

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