2020 Australian EdTech Market Census Launch Webinar

This webinar will explore the insights and opportunities uncovered through the 2020 Australian EdTech Market Census.

2020 has witnessed transformative changes in the EdTech sector. Interested in where we are and where we’re heading? Join us for this webinar on the 2020 Australian EdTech Market Census results to learn about the state of our ecosystem.

The Census webinar will cover:

– Focus areas for EdTech organisations

– Adding customers vs adding learnings during COVID-19

– The rapid growth of scale-ups

– Overseas customers

David Linke, Managing Director of EduGrowth and Christine Axton, Strategy Director at Deloitte will unpack the Census findings.

This will be followed by a panel discussion with Cluey Learning CEO Mark Rohald and Studiosity founder and Executive Chair Jack Goodman. They will discuss the appetite for Australian EdTech overseas, the benefits of a B2C model, establishing partnerships, and more.

This webinar will inform founders, investors, education providers and governments on the Australian EdTech landscape. With acceleration and increased interest sparked by the pandemic, new questions and expectations have emerged from learners in Australia and across the globe.

This webinar will be streamed through Hopin. Register on Hopin and join us there on 14 Dec: