Navigating The Advisory Space In Corporate Transactions

Navigating The Advisory Space In Corporate Transactions

EduGrowth invites you to join our CEO Syndicate on Thursday 25 July 2024 in Sydney, to discuss 'Navigating The Advisory Space In Corporate Transaction'

We’re going to be joined by Randolf Clinton, the founder of Clinton Capital Partners.

Randolf has deep capital market experience, and launched his own boutique advisory firm some time ago. Randolf and his fellow partners, are specialists in supporting small to medium M&A activity. The Clinton Capital Team has great EdTech experience too, so Randolf is well placed to help us navigate this space.

During this session we are going to dive into the most common questions that Randolf gets 

- “Who can help me in the corporate advisory space?" 

- "We are considering our options but we don’t know who to talk to?" 

- "What’s the process look like, how do I know that I have the right person? “

The session will also be facilitated by David Linke, Managing Director of EduGrowth.