International Education Working Group 3

International Education Working Group 3

In June and August the Working Group convened with its first two meetings. Meeting one set the scene for upcoming working groups and meeting 2 explored the Value proposition of an Australian education.  

Working group three will explore what data is telling us about tertiary learners and how we can use it to understand how to better reach and engage the learner we are trying to reach. 

We will hear from Edified on what their research tells us about the demographic of learners looking for an online versus F2F education. We’ll explore how this data driven research informs the practice of tertiary institutions in recruiting international learners in the varying online and F2F settings. We will also explore research on how online is bridging equity gaps in learning and how we can continue to foster this development as a sector and utilise online learning to increase tertiary education accessibility to learners.

By delving into insights from these studies we aim to extend the current understanding of the dynamics of student learning behaviours, preferences and opportunities within an EdTech enhanced learning environment. 

About the International Education Working Group

Study Melbourne has partnered with EduGrowth to establish the International Education Digital Transformation Working Group.

The Working Group will connect Victorian education providers, EdTech companies and sector leaders to operate as a community of practice. The Working Group will consider the growth opportunities for the sector as a whole through shared learning and creating professional connections.  

The Working Group will meet throughout the coming 12 months with the goal of establishing an ongoing community of practice. 

Study Melbourne is a Victorian Government initiative providing support and information to this community of international students, helping them have the best possible time while studying and living in Victoria.

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EduGrowth is Australia’s education technology and innovation industry hub. Through connection and collaboration we accelerate Australia’s EdTech ecosystem globally.

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