2023 Melbourne EdTech Summit

2023 Melbourne EdTech Summit

Education Reimagined: EdTech as a Bridge

In a world where technology is evolving faster than ever, it's time to reimagine education and explore how EdTech can be the bridge for innovation to enhance learning and help build the future of education.

Join us this August at the 2023 Melbourne EdTech Summit, where we bring together some of the brightest minds in education and technology.

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Conference themes

Melbourne EdTech Summit – Day 1

Expanding Horizons

  • Discover the latest trends, innovations, and technologies that are shaping the future of learning
  • Delve into the exciting realms of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and beyond, unlocking new horizons for students and educators

Melbourne EdTech Summit – Day 2

Building the Bridge

  • Join thought leaders, industry experts, and passionate educators as we discuss to how to build the bridge for innovation

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2023 Melbourne EdTech Summit
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