Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

A research program for Victorian EdTech

The EdTech Innovation Alliance Program will see the activation of testbeds or pilots; run efficacy trials of Victorian EdTech products, in Australian and international education settings, in a structured formal framework; and share the findings with the broader community.

The program supports partnerships between Victorian EdTech companies, education institutions, and international organisations, and promote the efficacy of Victorian EdTech products for export growth.

The initiative is funded by the Victorian Government as part of the $33.4 million commitment to the short-term economic recovery of the international education sector, in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The program coordinates the cooperation between providers, education technology companies and academics to trial technologies that solve and enhance learning outcomes.

The program will establish Victoria as Australia’s education innovation hub which incorporates all the virtues of the triple-helix innovation model. This program will extend that model to include the efficacy and showcasing of innovation in the education sector that is an absolute prerequisite to large-scale education innovation.

We thank Global Victoria for their ongoing support of Australian EdTech.


Image: Geographic Spread of Innovation Sprint Testbed Trials.

This is such an innovative project. We have the opportunity for EdTech partners to have six-months support to embed their EdTech solution with a Victorian education partner and get underpinning research to document the learner efficacy.

Emeritus Professor Beverley Oliver

Innovation Sprints


Transforming Online Assessment: An Evaluation of Cadmus

This Sprint explored the impact of implementing Cadmus — an online assessment for learning platform — on student outcomes, experience, and academic integrity. The research offers an example for improving teaching and learning outcomes through scalable, technology enhanced assessment reform.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Herk Kailis – CEO | Cadmus
Prof. Danielle George – Assoc. VP Blended Learning | The University of Manchester
Prof. Tara Magdalinski – Pro VC Education & Quality | Swinburne University
David Isreal – Director | Educational Innovation & Commercial Development | The University of Melbourne

Education Partners: University of Melbourne, University of Manchester (UK)




Cahoot Learning

Personalisation in Workforce Reskilling: The Efficacy of Cahoot Learning in LATA

This Sprint explores how the Cahoot Learning platform can create a better learning experience and outcomes for workforce reskilling and upskilling. Through a personalised learning experience, the sprint investigated how their approach can impact learners in Australian and LATAM settings.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Anthony Morris – Co-Founder | Cahoot Learning
Christel Nikolajsen – Manager, Executive Education | Monash University
Ignacio Guerrero – Senior Innovation Manager | Smash Latam SAPI de CV
Roxana Chavez Zuniga – Digital Marketing Manager | Anahuac University
Homero Sanchez Sanchez – Director of Innovative Thinking | Anahuac University
Carlos Robles Ponce – Co-ordinator of Microlearning and MOOCs | Anahuac University
Joanna Du – Head of Marketing | Cahoot Learning

Education Partners: Monash Business School, Universidad Anahuac (Mexico)




Showcasing Skills for the Workplace: Edalex’s Credentialate Platform for Learner Employability

This Sprint investigates the efficacy of personalised learner Evidence Records produced by  the Credentialate platform from Edalex. The ultimate aim is to improve employability outcomes for learners while helping address a talent shortage for employers.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Margo Griffith – Head of Business Development | Edalex
Melinda O’Halloran – Project Manager | Edalex
Karen Giglietta – Product & Customer Experience Lead, MSPACE | University of Melbourne
AProf. Josephine Lang – Academic Program Director, HASS, MSPACE | University of Melbourne
Naomi Byer – Senior Director, Skills & Data Systems | Education Design Lab
Brian LaDuca – Executive Director | IACT, University of Dayton

Education Partners: The University of Melbourne, University of Dayton (USA), Education Design Lab (USA)


  University of Dayton Institute of Applied Creativity for Transformation
Genix Ventures


Exam Management across Cultural Contexts: Genix Ventures’s EXAMINA+ Platform

This Sprint deployed Genix Ventures’s EXAMINA+ platform — an end-to-end exam management tool — in various target-market institutions to determine the feasibility of greater global scaling. Genix has redeveloped EXAMINA+ to support assessment-led learning which combines disciplinary, digital and institutional expertise.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Stephen Godinho – Managing Director | Genix Ventures
Gianni Pannozzo – Director of Customer Engagement | Genix Ventures
Suhaib Taqvi – Head of Examination Systems | Genix Ventures
Hamish Coates – Professor | Tsinghua University’s Institute of Education

Education Partners: Holmes Institute (Australia & China), International Marketing Corporation, Oxford House College (UK, Ireland, Canada & Turkey), RV University (India), Doyend University (India)




Data Collation, Correlation and the Classroom: Big Performance Data through Intellischool

This Sprint focuses on collecting data based on large timeframes useful for daily teaching  decisions, as well as the resulting impact on the ways in which teachers plan for the personalisation of the learner experience. Utilising Intellischool’s data ecosystem, the sprint examines how this technology can improve business efficiency and learning outcomes.

Education Partners: Parade College, Galen Catholic College


Maths Pathway

Personalised, Modular Learning: Assessing How Context Impacts the Delivery

This Sprint deploys Maths Pathway’s Learning and Teaching model in an international context. The aim is to test the extent to which cultural, societal and demographic differences impact the ability to deliver mathematics in a digital, modular format.

Education Partners: Mill Park Secondary College, Port Vila International School (Vanuatu)



MentorMatch logo - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Mentorship for International Student Success: An Investigation of MentorMatch

This Sprint seeks to test the hypothesis that providing experienced, qualified, mentors to  international students, through an EdTech platform, will fill the void of not having social and  professional networks in the foreign country. In order to test this, the MentorMatch platform will  be deployed in two different university settings.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Domenic Saporito – Co-Founder & Director | MentorMatch
Maika Tran – Project Administrator | MentorMatch
Dr Neil Mort – President | Acsenda School of Management
Marnie Long – Senior Manager, Student Engagement & Employability Student Experience | La Trobe University
Scott Robertson – Senior Vice President Canada | EduCo

Education Partners: La Trobe University, Philippines Canada Trade Council (Canada), Victorian Rotary District, Acsenda School of Management (Canada)


Verso Learning

Collecting Feedback to Better Support Teachers: Responding to K-12 Student Needs with Verso Learning

This Sprint focuses on using Verso Learning’s Learning from Students platform to address two significant challenges in K-12 education: how to collect timely, actionable feedback and evidence of impact from the classroom; and how to better support teachers to use that evidence to respond to student needs and make changes to their teaching practice.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Colin Wood – Founder & CEO | Verso Learning
Phil Stubbs – Chief Academic Officer | Verso Learning
Kerryn Sandford – Principal | Heathmont College
Dani Bedohazy – Assistant Principal | Pascoe Vale Girls College
Travis Dangstorp – Lead Teacher | Brighton Secondary College
Erin Wright – Principal | Surf Coast Secondary College

Education Partners: Brighton Secondary College, Pascoe Vale Girls’ College, Heathmont College, Surf Coast Secondary College, Edgbarrow School (UK)



Loop Platform’s Ziplet Solution: How Regular Feedback Can Benefit Teachers and Learners

This Sprint explores how Loop Platform’s Ziplet solution can provide teachers with the tools  and support to regularly gather student feedback for a data-informed approach. By obtaining actionable feedback, student experience, learning outcomes and teacher  practice can be improved.

Innovation Sprint Team:
Steph Wood – Brand & Community Manager | Ziplet
Matt Brand – Assistant Principal | Kingsley Park Primary School
Graeme Young – ICT Co-ordinator & Modern Languages Teacher | Foyle College

Education Partners: Kingsley Park Primary School, Foyle College (UK))




This document provides an overview of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance, the successful Innovation Sprint pilots, the types of EdTech solutions being trialled, the educational settings participating, and the key benefits of this type of program for EdTech companies, education institutions and the state of Victoria.

Designing an EdTech Efficacy Research Report - Cover - Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Efficacy Whitepaper

This whitepaper explores evidence, efficacy and interpretation, framed as provocations, by expert researchers Professor Margaret Bearman, Deakin University, Professor Michael Henderson, Monash University and Professor Phillip Dawson, Deakin University.

The whitepaper was developed to guide EdTech companies and education providers considering designing, or participating in, an EdTech testbed research trial. It should act as a reference tool for developing a successful solution for the Australian education market.

EdTech efficacy research

Amplifying education innovation

Triple-helix innovation model

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